PaaS Cloud Computing for Partners

What Is PaaS?

Cloud Computing Service ModelsPaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) is one the three major service models of cloud computing. PaaS is a service offered by the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and provides all the tools and services necessary to allow their customers to build, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud.
Until recently, PaaS tended to live in the shadow of IaaS and SaaS, primarily because those models provide the best opportunities for companies to reduce IT costs. However, as enterprises begin to leverage the cloud to enhance business flexibility and agility, PaaS is poised for dramatic growth because it enables customers to move existing applications to the cloud (application modernization) and the rapid development of a new generation of customer-facing cloud-based applications.

All PaaS’ Are Equal – But Some Are More Equal Than Others

PaaS environments vary widely in the feature sets they offer. Although they all offer the basic capability to build, deploy, and manage applications, the similarities end there. A high-productivity PaaS environment should include advanced ‘Drag & Drop’ development tools that enable even business users to create apps without coding (reducing the load on over-stretched IT departments), built-in support for any type of device (to meet users’ growing expectations to access information on any device they choose -- PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone), sophisticated data integration tools (to enable cloud-based apps to access data in the cloud and behind the firewall), along with business process and business rules management. A PaaS environment that offers these high-productivity features deliver significant business benefits for both the Service Providers that provide it, and the ISVs and Systems Integrators that develop on it:

  • For SPs, it provides a very attractive environment for ISVs to develop their applications – and where they develop their applications will have a big influence on where they run them.
  • For ISVs, it removes the complexity of the typical PaaS ‘Build, Deploy, and Manage’ process, resulting in significantly shorter development times, and faster time-to-market.
  • For SIs, it provides the ideal environment to develop fast ‘proof of concept’ applications, improve development of unique industry solutions, and add new services offerings to meet customer needs beyond their traditional offerings

Progress Pacific – PaaS Done Right

Progress Pacific is a next-generation, integrated, high-productivity PaaS environment which enables the rapid creation, deployment, and management of powerful business applications that are driven by data and unlimited by device or cloud. It offers three key benefits:

Rapid Application Development Environment: Business users can build powerful data-driven apps without coding, including integrations between Pacific applications. It enables them to work with their developers to ensure that the right solution is built.
Developers can go much further with JavaScript on client- and server-side, use of standard APIs (REST, SOAP, AJAX, SQL, JDBC, etc), custom JSPs and Java-based business logic, and integration with third-party libraries and products.
Business Process Management and Business Rules Management are also integrated into the Pacific environment, allowing business to react faster to changing market and customer needs.:together under the leading application development platform
Data driven: Progress Pacific includes advanced data integration services which provide access to multiple data sources in the cloud and behind your firewall, unlocking high-productivity applications from being tied to a single limited marketplace or platform.
With Progress Pacific, you can combine data from all your applications and sources to get a 360 degree view of your business.
Based on Open Standards: Progress Pacific can be deployed on private, public, and managed clouds to avoid ‘lock-in’ and provide maximum flexibility for your customers.

Growth Strategies

If you are a …

Service ProvidersProgress Pacific enables you to …

  • Increase the monetization of your existing investments
  • Provide a new offering to current customers to increase revenue & customer loyalty
  • Acquire new customers by supporting unique customer application needs/desires
  • Demonstrate technical leadership

If you are a …

Progress Pacific provides …

  • Faster time-to-revenue for your business
  • True application scalability
  • Flexible deployment options to meet customer needs (public, hybrid, or private cloud)

If you are a …

Progress Pacific allows you to …

  • Develop compelling ‘POC’ applications fast
  • Improve development of unique industry solutions
  • Add new services offerings to meet customer needs beyond their traditional offerings