Corticon for ISVs, SIs and Resellers

Empower business users through rules without limits


Imperatives for IT include accelerating the rate of change, ensuring performance and stability and empowering business users. For the business its mitigating risk, optimizing operations, and responding to marketplace and regulatory demand. Progress® Corticon® is a business rules management engine that’s ready for out-of-the-box use by IT pros and business analysts alike with no programming.

Partner Value

Corticon separates business rules from code, enabling business analysts to quickly create or modify rules as they go without lengthy development cycles. For ISVs, SIs and Resellers, Corticon can:

  • Enable agility and flexibility in your offerings by rapidly customizing business logic, plus bring those capabilities to market faster
  • Quickly and cost effectively address scenarios where your customer faces complex and ever-changing logic
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