Pro2 FAQ

FAQ: Pro2 Data Replication

Seven frequently asked questions regarding Pro2.
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Progress Consulting Services Modernization Blueprint

This whitepaper documents the primary components of the Progress Modernization Engagement, which we call the Progress Modernization Blueprint.

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Project Management

Successful project management from start to finish with Progress Services.
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Staff Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

The OpenEdge Development Staff Skills Assessment consists of rigorous, in-depth assessments led by top Progress Professional Services consultants, who can evaluate your staff’s knowledge and prescribe the training they need.  

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Digital Dialogue Agile Efficient Citizen Services

Digital Dialog: Agile and Efficient Citizen Services

Many government agencies are revamping their information technology infrastructures to simplify the process of making changes required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The State of Indiana chose Corticon as its business rules engine for driving the Medicaid provider enrollment process—a process historically fraught with paperwork and multiple handoffs—and for determining eligibility across all State-funded programs.

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eBook: Application Modernization for the Digital Age

Transforming into a digital business doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with thinking about where your business is today, and where you want it to be tomorrow. A strategic approach to application modernization of core systems of record is the foundation to meeting the needs of the digital age.  Learn how to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, enhance the user journey, all while protecting the technology and financial investments your company has already made. 
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OpenEdge EBook

Progress OpenEdge: Delivering Transformative Applications

Constantly innovating and staying ahead of technology and business trends can be financially and resource intensive. That’s why you need an adaptable application development platform that can continuously meet your needs and accommodate
the ever-changing business landscape. Find out more about how Progress OpenEdge provides the latest technology to power your business for the digital age with the new modernization case studies reflected in this piece.
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How States Are Modernizing Eligibility Systems

Progress Corticon and the A-87 Cost Allocation Exception

How States are Taking Advantage of the Market-Leading BRMS

Thanks to the A-87 Cost Allocation Exception, state and local agencies across the United States will have help simplifying benefit determination and administration to operate more efficiently. Choosing the right tools is crucial to ensure a streamlined experience for citizens while saving critical IT resources.
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Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 2.10.30 PM

Overview - Progress Academy

Progress Academy is an affordable, valuable OpenEdge instructor-led training class designed specifically for aspiring OpenEdge developers to provide them with the necessary fundamentals to become a productive member of your team after graduation.
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Mobility and the Enterprise: The Transformation is Underway

Employees and customers are clamoring for mobile access to corporate systems and services, yet many organizations struggle to meet the demand. In this paper co-authored with Chelsea Apps Factory, we reveal a concrete plan to tackle the largest challenge—and opportunity—enterprise IT has faced in years.


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Health Check

Overview - OpenEdge Database Healthcheck

You’ll not only realize improved performance, but you’ll have clear insight into how your systems are running today and have the information needed to prevent problems tomorrow. 

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Tutorial: Turbo-charge Application Performance to Microsoft SQL Server

This tutorial gives you everything you need to solve common performance problems and make your SQL Server applications run more efficiently.
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Tutorial: Turbo-charge Application Performance to Oracle

This tutorial gives you everything you need to solve common performance problems and make your Oracle applications run more efficiently.
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Tutorial: Turbo-charge Application Performance to DB2

This tutorial gives you everything you need to solve common performance problems and make your DB2 applications run more efficiently.

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Targeted Training Delivered According to Your Needs

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Transitioning to Big Data: A Checklist for Operational Readiness

Is your organization prepared to make the move to Big Data? In this paper, we walk you through eight steps you need to take to ensure operational readiness.
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Modernizing Healthcare Systems

Modernizing Healthcare Systems: The Impact of Change

Changes in policy and regulation happen on a constant basis. Over the past few years, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has altered the way people apply for and receive benefits. As a result, states are finding their existing eligibility systems are no longer sufficient to deliver services to beneficiaries.
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eBook: Sparking Agile Business Decisions

Learn how automating business decisions with Progress Corticon takes business agility to a whole new level. It’s packed full of industry examples and real-world stories of customers like eBay that are reducing change cycles by as much as 90% and getting new products out the door up to 85% faster.
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Health & Human Services Eligibility

Health & Human Services Eligibility: Making Decisions Easier

Maintaining changes in health and human services benefits is a critical and challenging task for any state or local government health department. Officials are increasingly turning to technology to help ease the burden of constant and complex amendments. Over the past six years, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has used technology – specifically a business rules engine (BRE) – to transform productivity and improve business agility.
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Selling Business Rules for SIs

System Integrators (SIs) often deal with complex logic and decision-making in mission critical systems that directly impact their client’s business. You’ll learn how business rules engines – like Progress® Corticon®, our leading BRMS – helps organizations keep pace with change, opens new revenue opportunities and improves efficiency and productivity.
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