Putting the Health of Consumers in Their Hands

Enterprise health clouds (EHC) are enabling organizations across all healthcare verticals to create the innovative digital experiences that today’s patients want. This enables healthcare organizations to:
  • Improve the patient care experience
  • Encourage better health management
  • Reduce the overall cost of healthcare per patient

To learn more about how health clouds can help transform patient care, download our latest whitepaper.

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Forrester Wave Enterprise Health Cloud Report

Electronic health clouds are empowering the healthcare industry to embrace digital transformation and create more meaningful patient experiences. Progress Health Cloud is one of the industry’s leading electronic health clouds, providing healthcare organizations with an all-in-one HIPAA-compliant application development platform.

In fact, Progress received the highest score of all vendors in Forrester’s recent enterprise health cloud report. Download the full report and see why Forrester ranked us a “leader.”
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Progress HIPAA Compliance Checklist

For any organization that handles protected health information, HIPAA compliance should be a top priority. However, compliance is costly—ensuring HIPAA compliance for even a single digital application can cost healthcare organizations upward of $50,000. With built-in HIPAA compliance and security, Progress Health Cloud takes care of a lot of the compliance groundwork so you don’t have to. 

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Digital Health Case Studies

Learn about twelve examples of patient-centric and connected care digital health experiences founded on Progress Health Cloud.

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Consumer Health Engagement in Pharma Enabled Through the Cloud

Patients are morphing into healthcare consumers, and healthcare providers and suppliers face a tighter reimbursement landscape. Pharma and life science companies will cope by bringing data together from inside and outside of the traditional healthcare system, and quickly delivering solutions via a new generation of Enterprise Health Clouds.

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Top 10 Digital Use Cases for 2018

The transition to value-based outcomes, an aging population, and new mobile and wearable technologies are driving changes across every aspect of the healthcare industry.

Advances in digital health technologies hold great promise that healthcare can be delivered in smarter, simpler, and more cost-effective ways. Mobile technologies can foster patient engagement, enhance care team communication, reduce cost of delivery, and improve the health care experience for both patients and their providers.

The key is figuring out which apps to tackle first. This document outlines a few of the key use cases that are showing positive impact. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it provides several great places to start on the digital health innovation journey.

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The Business Value of Progress Health Cloud

Many healthcare organizations have recognized that having a mobile presence is vital for remaining relevant and competitive, with many organizations establishing a mobile presence in one way or another. However, many of these initial attempts at establishing a meaningful mobile presence have fallen short of expectations.

With Progress Health Cloud, healthcare organizations can launch their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) app in record time while still creating great digital experiences with high user satisfaction.

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Whitepaper: State of IoT 2015 Global Developer Survey

The Internet of Things (IoT) is among the hottest topics today. Every business wants to coin the term. But what do developers, the nurturers of IoT projects now and in the future, think of it? We talked to 675 developers to find out what they are experiencing in the IoT space; are they commercializing apps and seeing future opportunities? Are they well equipped with the right technologies to deal with IoT demand? Here is what we found out.

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Solution Brief: Leveraging Your Systems of Record (SORs) with Progress Rollbase

Progress® Rollbase® can provide the flexibility your stable, trusted but brittle systems of record (SORs) require to create a more responsive and agile application development environment. Rollbase, part of Progress Pacific Platform as a Service (PaaS), provides a cloud-based automation layer that allows you to obtain information from customers from their mobile devices, laptops and transaction databases so you can analyze and anticipate their needs while enhancing their experience through an interconnected infrastructure. Doing so enables you to fully leverage your current systems of transactions and lets you cost-effectively set the stage for continuous innovation and competitive differentiation.
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Data Sheet

Overview: Rollbase

Business applications can enable high productivity and efficiency but be costly to build and maintain. Rollbase is a rapid aPaaS that helps companies deploy apps and extend current investments without extensive cost or coding.
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White Papers

Whitepaper: Accessing the Progress OpenEdge AppServer from Progress Rollbase Using Object Script

Progress Rollbase provides a powerful business logic framework that enables automatic workflow by defining business logic via Triggers. JavaScript code can be called from these Object Script Triggers so that developers can access Progress OpenEdge from a Progress Rollbase server.
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White Papers

Whitepaper: Accessing the Progress OpenEdge AppServer from Progress Rollbase Using the JSDO

Learn How to User Progress Rollbase to Access Progress OpenEdge. The Progress OpenEdge Mobile JavaScript Data Object (JSDO) can be used to access the OpenEdge AppServer and the OpenEdge Database from JavaScript. This technical white paper describes how to call the JSDO from a Rollbase Web application.
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