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Low-Code Platforms: What Developers Think and Why

The demand for sophisticated enterprise applications is on the rise. To meet this demand, dev teams across the globe are being tasked with accelerating the pace of delivery. However, they must meet innovation and user experience requirements as well.

Based on feedback collected from 5,000+ developers, our new whitepaper dives deep into the heart of the matter, exploring:

  1. How are professional web and mobile dev teams organized across industries?
  2. What talent is delivering these apps and what are their preferences?
  3. What are the biggest challenges in app delivery according to pro developers?
  4. How do existing pro developers feel about low-code strategies?
  5. Where are the opportunities to improve application development strategies?
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U.S. States Using Corticon

Download this infographic to see the U.S. States Using Corticon. Progress Corticon Business Rules Management System helps you automate operational decisions and intelligent citizen interactions by separating rules from application code. Empowering agency employees to manage sophisticated rules without having to code allows the organization at large to ensure accurate, timely and compliant services to multitudes of constituents.
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Ovum Consulting SWOT Assessment: Progress Sitefinity 11.0

Modern enterprises need to create multiple touchpoints with customers, partners and prospects, delivering personalized experiences. Download the Ovum Consulting SWOT Assessment to learn about the capabilities in Sitefinity 11, such as multi-language and multi-site management, and the ability to integrate with multiple applications for a complete digital experience management solution.

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[Infographic] Low-Code Platforms: What Developers Think and Why

Demand for sophisticated enterprise applications is on the rise, which has put tremendous pressure on dev teams to accelerate app delivery. No-code platforms are being touted as the solution to this challenge, enabling “citizen developers” to build functional apps without having to write code.

But how do professional developers feel about these platforms? We polled more than 5,000 developers to find out—and their answers may surprise you.

Check out our latest infographic to see how mobile and web developers responded to questions like:

  • What would help you deliver apps faster?
  • How do you feel about platforms that promise to deliver apps without coding?
  • What concerns do you have about low-code platforms?
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Gartner Peer Insight 2019

Progress Named a 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Web Content Management

Gartner has named Progress a 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Web Content Management (WCM). Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice selections are based on recognition of vendors submitted by verified end-user professionals.

Gartner maintains rigorous criteria for the Peer Insights Customer Choice distinction. Vendors that are named demonstrate not only high ratings, but review coverage across industry verticals, company sizes and deployment regions.  
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What's New Guide - Pro2 5.5

This document describes both new features and enhancements to existing features in the Pro2 service pack release 5.5.

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Infographic: Top 10 Data Management Challenges--Solved

With more users needing more access to data, and more applications being deployed in the cloud supporting mobile, web, IoT and more --meaning more concurrent database connections -- database management is now more challenging than ever. OpenEdge has you covered. Read this infographic to learn more. 
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2018 Data Connectivity Annual Report 2018

2018 Data Connectivity Annual Report

Research on the latest trends and challenges in database technologies.

The 2018 report benchmarks how organizations are handling the rapidly changing landscape of disruptive data sources, takes an in-depth look at where organizations are on their data connectivity journey and uncovers the challenges they face.

Key findings include:

  • NoSQL adoption increased from 57% to 68% and big data from 61% to 68%
  • 44% are challenged with integrating cloud data with on-premises data
  • Tableau (22%), Power BI (18%) and Qlik (16%) are leading the data visualization market
  • Rapid cloud adoption is driving the need for real-time hybrid connectivity
  • Businesses are opening analytics to address the increased demand for data visualization and complex analytics

And much more…

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Field Services Apps and the Data Management Elephant

For field service agents, delivering exceptional customer outcomes requires a connected app experience. Having a digital field work force is no longer a competitive advantage, but a requirement.

Progress Kinvey is a high productivity cloud platform that enables enterprises to tackle all three major roadblocks in app development: mobility, data management and development speed. Download this whitepaper to learn how Kinvey enables you to:

  • Accelerate the development of new apps or features to keep up with user demand
  • Build field apps with rich offline capabilities and synchronization with enterprise systems
  • Access data from any enterprise system/data source at sub-second speed
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Frost and Sullivan 2018 Best Practices Award

We are proud to announce that Progress received the 2018 Adaptive, Cognitive, and Connected Customer Value Leadership Award at the Frost & Sullivan 2018 Best Practices Awards. Here is the full report from Frost & Sullivan on their best practices research, and what led them to Progress.
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Quick Start: Progress Application Server for OpenEdge

Migration from the Classic OpenEdge Application Server to PAS for OpenEdge can be more involved than simply moving the ABL code base and database configurations.  PAS for OpenEdge is based on a server platform that is entirely different from the Classic OpenEdge AppServer.  This guide includes resources from Progress Consulting Services, Education Services, Self-Help Training, and How-To Guides to help get you up and running fast.
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Choosing the Right Digital Experience Platform to Improve Business Outcomes

A great digital experience is no longer a competitive differentiator—it’s a must for doing business. Poor experiences quickly result in dissatisfied customers and lost prospects. For many enterprises, delivering a multichannel digital experience can be a daunting task—but it doesn’t have to be with the right technology.
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How Industrial IoT is Influenced by Anomaly Detection & Prediction

The biggest problem facing businesses in today’s myopia is that only 20 percent of all problems or anomalies that occur are predicted and understood beforehand. This means that around 80 percent of the problems businesses face are unpredicted, and the business is not prepared to handle them because of below-par anomaly detection. Traditional methods of anomaly detection are not getting the job done. 

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The New Mobile Development Landscape

Mobile development is still a young field. At first, there weren’t many options for building apps. Now, there are hundreds of different frameworks and platforms—and nobody knows which are great and which are worthless. You need to be smart as you choose your framework. That’s why we’ve created this eBook—to help you make smarter choices about how you build modern mobile apps. This eBook covers:

  • The modern mobile development landscape
  • Making the transition between different frameworks or platforms
  • Testing your mobile apps
  • Building a backend for your mobile app
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The Sitefinity Platform

Sitefinity Platform Overview Brochure

As a marketing leader, you’re under pressure to execute successful digital marketing programs that accelerate business growth. The Progress Sitefinity platform empowers you to fuel predictable business growth by engaging customers in targeted, personalized experiences across multiple channels. Download this brochure to get an overview of the Sitefinity platform.
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Sitefinity Security and Best Practices

Many large organizations rely on Sitefinity for delivering their web presence - from government agencies, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies to various businesses all over the world. Security is one of the aspects that no organization can compromise with. This whitepaper reviews the most common threats that organizations face today, what Sitefinity is doing to prevent them, and what extra steps are available in order to make your environment more secure.
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7 Reasons to Choose Sitefinity

7 Reasons to Choose Sitefinity

Sitefinity is about achieving your web strategy. It is a web content management platform that is smart, naturally easy, and infinitely powerful. Read seven reasons why to choose Sitefinity.
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The Ultimate Guide to Multisite Management

The Ultimate Guide to Multisite Management

 In the “Ultimate Guide for Multisite Management” we provide tips and guidance about  how:

  • Companies of all types benefit from multisite management
  • Multisite management reduces costs, improves process and ensures consistency
  • Proper set-up of multisite management can yield best results
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Data-Driven Marketing eBook

Data-Driven Marketing eBook

Decisions are an important part of any business. Make the right ones and you’ll flourish; make the wrong ones, and you’ll likely get a call from the corner office. So how do make good decisions? Use data.

This Data-Driven Marketing e-Book will help you make sense of it all by explaining:

  • Why data-driven marketing is needed
  • How to use data to drive growth
  • Which metrics can be used to optimize customer engagement
  • What steps are needed to adopt a data-driven approach
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Activate Analytics to Optimize the Digital Customer Experience

In this report, Gleanster dives deep into the subject of how machine learning can activate analytics, improving both the customer experience and the marketing result.  In the report Activate Analytics to Optimize the Customer Experience, Gleanster covers how:

  • Top performing organizations are five times more likely to have used machine learning
  • Connecting all customer data in a single place enables complex, full-view analytics
  • Understanding the complete customer journey can predict and improve marketing impact on business results
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