Data Sheet

Flyer: Standards-based MongoDB Data Connectivity

Using standards-based SQL, DataDirect for MongoDB lets you easily access, manage and integrate data stored in MongoDB, one of the fastest growing NoSQL data sources. The normalization of data takes place transparently, ensuring a natural consumption of data, with no impact to the application. Download this flyer to learn more.
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White Papers

Whitepaper: QA & Performance Testing - Extensive Testing Ensures Data Connectivity That Works

Progress DataDirect ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET data connectivity components are rigorously tested under production conditions using proprietary, Progress DataDirect in-house testing suites. These have evolved over 16 years to include millions of test cases, multiple connection modes and every known bug fix.
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Overview: Progress DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET

Progress DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET is the industry’s only suite of ADO.NET data providers with a 100% managed architecture, eliminating the need for database clients, boosting performance, and delivering a flexible, secure connection to Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.
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