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How to Simplify Application Usage & Deployment with Microapps

Microapps are playing a key role to unlocking organizational agility. Productivity improvements come from delivering focused experiences streamlining how a user interacts with organizational applications. IT costs are controlled by reducing work required to ship new functionality. Further, existing apps can at times be replaced by microapps, helping to clean up organizational digital clutter—all while enhancing the user experience.

The best way to get started with microapps is to have a consultation with our subject matter experts. We’ll help you understand what the possibilities are with microapps, as well as discuss tradeoffs. We can initiate a limited duration Fastrack innovation cycle where we do the initial implementation then train your team to continue building microapps from a known point of success. Or, if preferred, we can handle the full cycle of development.
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Securing the Modern Mobile App

The responsibility for data integrity, compliance and security of user data falls squarely on the app developer and architect and while the challenges are immense, there are strong defense protocols available to help.

This whitepaper explores how to handle data integrity, compliance and security and explains what you need to assess mobile security in your apps and mitigate the countless security risks you face every day

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Strategic Outlook for 9 Types of Developers in the Digital Era

Traditionally, application development was viewed as an isolated activity, working largely without disturbance from other areas of the company. However, with technology becoming deeply entrenched into every aspect of business, development teams have become an increasingly strategic asset.

Now, modern enterprises are being tasked with building comprehensive digital teams, with each developer bringing unique skills and specialties to the table. How well this team is constructed can play a huge role in the success of a company’s broader digital efforts.

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The New Mobile Development Landscape

Mobile development is still a young field. At first, there weren’t many options for building apps. Now, there are hundreds of different frameworks and platforms—and nobody knows which are great and which are worthless. You need to be smart as you choose your framework. That’s why we’ve created this eBook—to help you make smarter choices about how you build modern mobile apps. This eBook covers:

  • The modern mobile development landscape
  • Making the transition between different frameworks or platforms
  • Testing your mobile apps
  • Building a backend for your mobile app
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The Business Value of Kinvey

Kinvey has helped many organizations dramatically improve the quality of their mobile presence. This whitepaper demonstrates how clients have used Progress Mobility to launch their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) app in record time and with high levels of user adoption and exceptional app ratings. Achieve your mobile goals faster by focusing on innovation rather than infrastructure with Progress.
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Why Progress Kinvey?

Why use a serverless backend like Kinvey? We recently surveyed our customers to find out. From masking system complexity from developers and users to being able to react quickly to feedback, Kinvey can improve your app development process significantly. Download this infographic today and see how other businesses are benefitting from using Kinvey.
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Backend-as-a-Service vs. API Management

For mobile app developers, the library is the API they care about. Rather than coding mobile-specific features to a REST or SOAP API, client libraries provide developers prebuilt features that can be consumed by their application. To learn more, download this whitepaper.
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Mobilize Sharepoint Data Instantly with Kinvey

Many businesses use SharePoint but have trouble accessing this data in the modern mobile world. Download this whitepaper to see how Kinvey's out-of-the-box connector lets you quickly and securely expose SharePoint data to mobile apps.
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Why You Need a New Mobile Architecture

If your existing web architecture doesn't support unique mobile needs, now is the time for change. This whitepaper outlines how Kinvey provides a new mobile architecture that enables delivery of these new enterprise applications with rapid development times and consistency for IT.
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Kinvey Cloud Services Security Overview

Security and privacy are major concerns when it comes to enterprise mobile applications, which is why the Kinvey application development platform was built with this in mind. To learn more, download the complete whitepaper.
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Enterprise Backend-as-a-Service Checklist

While building a great mobile app is hard, selecting the right mobile application development platform can make it easier. This checklist goes over all the important feature and platform considerations that organizations should explore as they look for the ideal platform to power their future mobility initiatives.
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