MessageWay® Interactive Reporting


Easily and Securely View MessageWay Transmissions and Services

MessageWay Interactive Reporting is an optional add-on module to MessageWay, which lets your users view historic and current MessageWay activity from any location using a web browser. The tool comes with six out-of-the-box reports that display historical data and three “near real-time” monitors that give you an up-to-the-minute view of system activity.

The tool provides both administrative and role-based access to the data. Role-based access rights are based on the location security in MessageWay. Users will only see file and message data if they have access rights in MessageWay for those locations.

Reports show a fully configurable period of historical data and the data is current as of the most recent synchronization with the MessageWay database. Each report contains filters that let you specify a time range and data set. You can view any number of reports and print or save them in multiple file formats if desired. Some reports provide interactive features that let you control how you display the data.

Monitors are refreshed every 60 seconds, giving you a current view of MessageWay data and system settings. Every monitor displays a countdown showing when the next refresh will occur and when the last refresh occurred.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Enable key partners and customers to monitor their own activity, improving customer satisfaction.

Improve Productivity

Reduce the workload of the IT operations team by minimizing the number of customer and partner calls requiring assistance.

Improve Capacity Planning

View historical data without writing your own reports or consolidating databases. Identify seasonal fluctuations and better size future capacity.

Verify and Optimize MessageWay Performance

Verify that your MessageWay system is functioning properly and quickly discover failures. Get the information you need to identify abnormalities, measure user productivity, verify user behavior, audit authentication-related activity, and locate processing and delivery problems.

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