OpenEdge Analytics360

Slash business intelligence project risk.


Pre-designed and pre-developed by industry experts, Progress OpenEdge Analytics360 slashes business intelligence project risk. Simply implement our 360 framework: snap in your selected KPI and instantly load data into the pre-designed data warehouse. Now watch your business intelligence solution come to life with a cross-organizational view of consistent, consolidated data. No more silent silos. No spreadsheet pandemonium. No incorrect calculation frustration. Plus, other tools can be used to access data from the data warehouse, or pushed back into your operational systems.

OpenEdge Analytics360
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Take Advantage of OpenEdge Analytics360 3.4

Increase revenue in 2017 by moving forward with your analytics initiatives. Learn how with the newest version of OpenEdge Analytics360.

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Finally—unbridled freedom

  • Completely Extensible

    Evolves with application changes and business growth by modifying existing or creating new ETL processes, data warehouse tables and fields and KPIs. Make your next tool adapt to you, not the other way around.  
  • Customizable Reporting

    Easily develop and save standard reports and dashboards to run automatically and send via email to unlimited users. Export reports to PDF, Excel and CSV and access from any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Anticipation Analysis

    Project data into the future through “what if” analyses. Easily blend data into the data set on the fly.

Define the business intelligence blueprint that’s right for your business to achieve performance-oriented results:

Progress Partners Progress OpenEdge Customers
Enhance your app with embedded analytics—quickly and cost-effectively Manage the overwhelming wealth of data available today, and create a workable, intelligent solution
Answer customer demand for business intelligence; enable them to report on a wealth of pertinent data Identify valuable key performance indicators (KPIs) to gain true business insight
Uncover key performance indicators (KPIs) that demonstrate real value to your customers Improve business processes to directly impact your bottom line
Be the hero by identifying process improvements that will impact your customers’ bottom line Technology agnostic approach means you decide what tools work best for your business
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The Complete Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Solution for OpenEdge

Most out-of-the-box analytics software requires you to spend a bundle just to get the box. And then you spend weeks or months trying to develop something... anything. With OpenEdge Analytics360, you not only get one of the leading business intelligence tools on the market, you also get most of the design and development work done for you.


Progress OpenEdge 11.7

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