OpenAccess Use Cases

Create Reports and Analyze Data from ERP Systems

Access data from ERP system with tools such as Tableau, SAP Crystal Reports, MS Power BI, Excel, and more while isolating those tools from changes in the underlying ERP system

How to Access ISAM Files From Desktop Tools

Access ISAM files directly from standard off-the-shelf desktop applications such as Tableau, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, and others.

ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB Access to SCADA and Data Historian Systems

Access information in SCADA systems from widely used desktop tools for reporting, analysis and application development.

Access Object-Oriented Data from ODBC OLE DB OR JDBC

Access data stored in an object-oriented database using ODBC, OLE DB, or JDBC from a Windows or UNIX client.

Accessing a Sub-set of Required Data From Logs or Archives

Ad hoc access to selected SCADA archived data from standard desktop tools without requiring customers to extract and load the data.

Adding a Query to a Web Service

Select and filter large amounts of information from a web service. This enables the service to be leveraged better in future applications, a key requirement for a SOA.

Integrate existing apps with leading integration platforms

Integrate existing applications with popular integration platforms from leading vendors like IBM, Oracle, webMethods, Microsoft and many others.

Application Modernization

Modernize existing screen or terminal based applications. Allow existing modules to continue working while implementing the latest technologies and a modern interface.

ODBC, JDBC, or OLE DB Access to SQL Compatible Databases

Access data in a commercial SQL database (Oracle, DB2 SQL Server, Sybase, etc.) from standard desktop tools such as Crystal Reports and Microsoft Access.

Data Integration for Open Analytics

Quickly integrate data from multiple sources to enable business decisions. Open up your standard applications to many data sources, including custom data.

Integrate Data Sources with IBM DB2 Federated Server

Implement a DB2 Federated system as a virtual database with data residing in various sources and send distributed requests to multiple data sources within a single SQL statement.

Integrate Data via Java ADO.NET into Native Applications

Access Java and .NET application data from standard desktop reporting, analysis, and database applications.

Opening Up Your BI EII EAI or Analytics Platform

Provide access to data in BI, EII, EAI and analytics platforms from off-the-shelf commercial tools such as Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, Brio, Excel, and Java-based platforms

Opening Up Your Financial Applications

Access data in financial applications from popular reporting and analysis tools such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Brio, Crystal Reports, and from EAI/EII platforms such as WebSphere and WebLogic.

Custom ODBC Driver for a Progress Application

How to access Progress application data from third-party reporting and analysis tools.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Enforce a consistent level of access control across all third-party and in-house applications.

Secure Access to Enterprise Data

Give users access to all enterprise data without compromising security.

Web Services

As part of SOA architecture, make web services available to corporate desktop applications such as reporting and analysis tools.

Wrapping a SQL Component with ODBC OLE DB Or JDBC Using Existing Middleware

Support access to relational and/or proprietary databases from standard desktop tools such as Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports.

info More about OpenAccess SDK

Develop a custom driver in ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET

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