Connectivity for Cloud-Based Data

Superior Performance and Scalability for Cloud-Based Data Access

Cloud-based applications are increasingly important to enterprise computing environments. As such, organizations need to access a widening range of cloud data sources for effective enterprise management. Just as we might access Oracle databases or SAP resources, we must now also leverage the value of business-critical information in cloud-based applications such as Salesforce.

Need a direct connect to Salesforce or other cloud-based data? DataDirect calls together multiple data sources and applications in your preferred format or dashboard. This lets you:

  • Quickly access cloud-resident data Java applications via Type 5 JDBC connectivity
  • Leverage cloud data in wire-protocol ODBC access
  • Substantially improve application performance, especially in virtualized environments
  • Optimize usage of available resources to curtail IT operational costs
  • Employ a full spectrum of performance tuning options
  • Turn on advanced functions like application failover and bulk load – without writing code

Now generally available from Progress DataDirect, the Connect XE ODBC Salesforce Driver enables access to mission-critical cloud-based data via SQL! The Connect XE Salesforce Drivers combines read/write access to Salesforce objects, custom objects, and reports with real-time data caching and an array of other advanced driver features.

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