Release 4.2

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Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.2 Release Notes

The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see here.

Fixed Issues


Case ID Public Description
00304402 The Current User token doesn't get updated if there is a change in the user record. User must log out of the application and then log in for the Current User token to be updated.
00304621 Report and View Sub Total Incorrect
00305804 Contact object's list view is not showing the correct record number.
00309830 Getting error while running "Data Maintenance" batch job on OESO object (Error loading query In getSelectQuery() ==> m_selectQuery==null)
00310679 Populating invalid formula for a selected token in triggers
00311509 Client is experiencing an issue where the other users from a tenant are not listed as subscribers when viewing a Customer from master zone.The Customer record is showing only the first admin of the tenant so when using "Login as" this cannot use the other users aside from first admin.This happens to other Customer records as well and was fixed via Unload/Load of the customer record but not this one particular Customer that even doing Unload/load still it does NOT fixed the issue.This was experienced when client updated the private cloud from > >*Although I cannot replicate the issue and even the client cannot replicate to other tenant, I have provided a video clip during our screen sharing session showing the issue on their private cloud. Please see attachment.
00312936 PDF button ignores CSS rules specified in script components. For example, a page can have a custom table with CSS rules such as background, padding, etc. using script component. When the page is exported as PDF using the PDF button in the upper right side of Rollbase pages, the HTML is displayed but the CSS rules are not working.
00313425 Field does not get updated if field is mapped to a column in the import XLS file having a SUM operation
00317488 QuestionProblemDescription When cloning a New page layout in an object that has the "Redirect to "View" page after creating new record" checkbox checked, the newly cloned page layout loses this property and is unset in the new page layout. See attached PDF for screen shot and details.
00318209 Import Update is also updating the date field to Current date even it has not being mapped and only has field property of "Use current date plus 0 days as default value for newly created records" and NOT the option "Use current date plus 0 days as default value for updates and status changes"Client needs to get the previous values.
00318792 Metadata Search is not working in Production
00320115 Unable to clear picklist value via Update Field trigger
00320616 PD4ML cannot support to THAI language 
00321834 Workflow Status Field Blanked on Imports where "Treat empty spreadsheet cells as NULL values"
00322331 'No relationship definition found' message in chart view after installing xml file for the application while original application has the correct relationship
00322341 [Prime] Creating application from welcome tab is throwing the error message
00322349 SmartSYS experiences slowness in workflow actions and other places
00322373 JSP Pre-compilation fails in Tomcat 8.
00322471 Javascript error when clicking on Provefaktura button for SmartSys Application
00322575 Link lookup is not working correctly with the new UI
00322575 NUI Issue - If the linked lookup is a selector then it is not filtered
00322580 I have to search for the option to add a line in the editable grid.(strange in non editable grid the button is where i expect it)
00322585 Issues identified with white labeling to hide references to Progress/Rollbase
00322586 'Use White Label Header and Footer' option should not be available to new tenants
00322741 Error when accessing javascript functions in hosted files
00322794 Related objects are not showing in template helper
00323063 grid control issues
00323291 Cannot revert to default CSS stylesheet without reloading the tenant.
00323619 Date/Time field is off by a few hours compared to current machine time of the Rollbase User.
00324196 rbf_setFieldValue API issue
00324197 rbf_getFieldValue issue
00324198 rbf_showOrHideField() API is made available on browser client , but it is not listed in API picklist field
00324207 Hyperlinks are not clickable from the rendered PDF after converting HTML template using PD4ML.
00324454 Email notification is sent to user for successful File import batch job also, when it is expected only for failures
00326348 rbf_showOrHideField is hiding the entire row
00326447 Resizing the browser window causes not-the-right-most buttons to go into overflow.
00326926 Email address field returning blank during mass updates
00327103 Console Error in New UI Pages stating HTTP 404 error for resource kendoui/textures/highlight.png
00327490 In server side attach() APIcall, for hierarchical relationships we tend to update always the parent column for both parent and child objects. This issue is fixed.
00327831 After synchronizing pages, "Last Updated" and "Last Updated By" don't change on the other pages.
00327988 Missing role in User object view criteria for an app that was installed from another tenant.
00328267 Found a reference to Rollbase Forum on the main application home page.
00329148 Conditional formulas not working on Edit/Delete button on User object.
00330501 Object record selected on one page, and another record selected from are record view page are both taken to be "selected".
00331163 Editing an object record through developer tools saves updated value, even though Edit is disabled through a condition formula.
00334411 Link lookup is not populating the data if it is placed before the main lookup field in the UI.
00334865 Auto complete of a lookup field is not filtering the data, even though we set the view using the rbf_setViewSelector() client-side API.
00335452 An unparseable date error occurs when trying to grant Support access to Master Super Admin.
00335779 When the relationship is not set for a Related Template field on a Record View page, an error is thrown.
00336355 Added support for selecting multiple records from selector popup for lookup field which has many relationships
00336479 When Rollbase customer authentication is set to OE SPA, and a batch job is created around an OE service with Current User Authentication, the batch job for an FTP import failed with a Null Pointer Exception. This issue is fixed.
00337846 HTML report body has different behavior than link report when using related fields.
00337888 Masking does not enforce completeness limitation for Phone number fields in List View components.
00338846 When s user selected the same record for a lookup field by using selector list, or used rbf_setFieldValue() to set the same value more than once , it caused the saved value of the field to be cleared. This was an issue with Kendo code that we wrote. It has been fixed.
00339293 New UI: Overdue growl not seen if event is created with an already passed date as Start Date
00339370 Private Cloud: Maximum file size is not reflected in fieldCreate.jsp page
00339921 A Detailed Search component configured with a 'Related' field results in a blank page in the New UI.
00340096 Record edit by multiple users results in a blank screen and does not state the reason behind the failure.
00340217 Submenu items are not visible in the overflow menu when the number of items exceeds 10.
00341001 Any approver in an Approval List is able to 'Accept/Reject' requests in any order, even when the approval process type is configured as 'sequential'.
00341156 When moving across grid pages, multiple animations are being shown before the data is loaded.
00341673 The Application/file name is blank during export for Thai Locale.
00341856 Approving a request throws an "Email Template not configured" exception in spite of correct email being configured.
00342306 Object name token not displayed in testQuery.jsp on selecting different object name in succession.
00343035 Tabbing through fields does not work correctly when Edit page has a grid control.
00343051 Multi-line record name breaks record view page.
00343723 Formula incorrectly populating for CALC_MAX and CALC_MIN.
00343836 When importing an application with an attached role that has a landing page in a different application, it causes an error.
00344384 ERROR 1118 (42000) at line 105: Row size too large (> 8126) thrown when running the create_mysql.sql script
00344741 Administrative users not available for selection in picklists or lookup fields. This is fixed in the 4.2 release. Now non administrative users can see administrative users if they have access to that user, but they cannot edit ordelete the administrative user.
00344825 "Report Name" missing in PDF reports generated from batch jobs.
00345419 The popup never closes when a record is selected after searching from a search field.
00347280 JSON parts are not passed as-is in the request body
00347292 New UI: Related field (picklist) values in List view do not show the list view properly
72079734 Improve the look and feel of Upload buttons
73551704 Automated provisioning of Customer zone with pre-installed applications
74630759 Force users to change passwords
75153397 Enhancement request to include the Bootstrap libraries and CSS in the mobile header in a future release?
76085527 URL field types are too short
Sorting uses ID instead of text value to sort Updated by field.
Customer with legacy UI option gets blank page in newui.
sendJSONRequest HTTP method fails against servers hosting services having SSL certificates issued by GoDaddy.
The option to change the security level for the Master Zone is not available.
Setting the main lookup to read only disabled linked lookup in the New UI.
Performance issue when the same script is being referenced twice in New UI pages.

Alerts View Page not loading in NewUI

Google Maps JS Library is loaded multiple times in a NewUI page.

When Auth is configured, such as a change to the Security Level, the customer record in the master is updated (which was not done earlier).

In the page editor, if the script editor window is open for more than 30 minutes, the save fails with the error message "The request has already been processed".

NewUI Page Render times are considerably higher with 'Ajax' loading of tabs disabled.

[Community] Unable to resize the script window using the mouse.

Print as PDF feature removes styling on div HTML tags.

For OpenEdge Service objects, the attribute list is not shown on the object definition page.

'Column' values under Fields section on the object definition page are blank for OE Service objects. It would be good to show the JSDO field name to which the field is mapped.

Need to include importMode parameter for bulkCreate REST API.

View/Edit permissions configured at the field level were not being honored when editing/creating records via a Grid Control component.

When using LDF permissions, incorrect User information associated with certain records

When a non- administrative user edited an object with a field related to an administrative user, an error was occurring. This issue is now fixed.

In the New UI, Error.jsp is preventing an error message from being shown to users.

The New UI shows a black page when a tab/menu is a stale state (such as when a menu is available but the corresponding menu page is not available),.

Workflows on OESO object were sending the Object ID but not the integration code. This issue is now fixed.

Getting Null Pointer Exception while batch jobs are running automatically. When running manually, no exception is generated.

Batch Job Type : Data Maintenance

Report Section Title & Identifier fields are not updated unless user tabs out from the field.

Selector page dimensions are not getting updated as per width and height page properties.

Changes to 'Tabs' don't reflect when pushing XML from one environment to another.

Roles created with certain field-level permissions lose those permissions when deployed to another tenant.

Storage Server field does not show in the New UI.

When a catalog wasupdated and re-imported in Rollbase, the inclusion of count invoke operation in catalog was not accounted. This issue is now fixed.

Validation triggers were not firing on the workflow action Change Status, even when the old and new status were different

The selected number of records on a search result page was displaying the total record count instead of the search result count. The issue was due to retrieving the filter from the session in New UI code. This has been fixed.

When the view selector was hidden from a list view, there was a JavaScript error thrown if the user checked the Select All option for pages. This was due to improper null check handling in the JavaScript code. This has been fixed.

Group By on views fails if values are blank.

Client-side validation incorrectly enforces users to set value for fields configured as Required, even on Mass Update pages.

An error is generated when a Master/Super admin creates a batch job of the type "Scheduled FTP import" in the customer.

Gauges are not rendered in Record View pages.

Attached Roles are not showing in the Roles section when importing an OE Service application.

For Selector Pages configured for attaching related records, the page is not identified by its original ID.

The rbf_setFieldValue() client-side API does not work on Mass Update pages for Checkbox fields in the NewUI.

All tables on the object definition page stretch beyond default page view size, even if only one table has extra columns. This is an incorrect redirection issue when clicking Save/Cancel from from the Tab edit page.

The client-side API getPicklistCode() is now supported for Picklist, Multi-Picklist, CheckBoxGroup, and RadioButtons fields

The trigger type "Update Field Value" does not work when assigning a lookup/id of an OpenEdge Service object.

When the dropdown list is long and goes beyond the footer, we will show it upwards (where there is room).

An issue occurred when there was no checkbox enabled in a related list. This caused a undefined error when we cleared all selections in the related list. Added proper null check and view page buttons issues are now fixed.

Tokens for current portal visitor are returning no value.

Record Attach action fails if related record has special character (''' i.e. single-quote) in its name.

Performance Issue in New UI because of multiple count calls in a list view.

Tokens in filter were not working for OESO views. {!current_user}.sales_agent gets passed as full text through API. This issue is fixed.

Export to PDF, CSV, XLS , XLSX was not working for list views when the user unchecked Show View Selector checkbox from list view properties. This issue is fixed.

Field-level validation error persisted even after corrective measures had been taken. This issue is fixed.

The client-side API rbf_getPicklistCode() was not returning values after emptying the picklist. This issue is fixed.

Status message after selecting the record should be changed in case of 1-1 relationship

Certain entities are not updating with XML update for very large apps.

Null Pointer Exception during export XML in document template.

Incorrect picklist values are also persisted via picklist control in form pages

Export to XLS, XLSX and CSV were displaying code instead of description on picklist fields. This issue is fixed.

For TextInput, ObjectLink (Record Name), and TextArea fields, field values were not displayed in the current user language on List View and Record View pages. This issue is fixed.

Rollbase is throwing a warning message when updating an XML app using the exactly same APP XML used to create the original app.

When you have TextArea field for an object and add larger text (break by next line or simply larger text), only part of the text was displayed in the record details page. We used over-flow hidden and no work-break. This has been fixed and we displayed entire text as the user provided while creating the object.

The client-side API rbf_showOrHideSection() was not working across all supported browsers. This issue is fixed.

When a user uses Select All (This Page is checked) option or individual selection (This Page is checked), the total selected count that we update in the list view footer was incorrect. Same issue happened when a user selected record after applying filter. When user apply filter we clear all selection but still selected count were shown. This issue is fixed.

Login Blocked Status for a customer not refreshed with Master Reload

The Grid row Action menu (Edit |Delete |View) was hiding pretty fast, which didn't let the user select the action they desired. We made a change to the old behavior where this action menu will be displayed on "Click" instead of "Hover" by default and it stays until user clicks outside or performs any other operation on the page. But if user would like to enable menu on "hover", they can do by overriding this option: "rb.newui.options.listView.showColumnActionMenuOnHover=true"

Steps to load GoogleCharts library in Rollbase NewUI page

"Lock Wait Timeout" issue when processing bulk operation. This issue is fixed.

Progress Rollbase video still visible after "Quick Create"-ing an application not customizable via shared property.

When an workflow attribute enabled object list view is configured with a group-by field and the "Actions" columns is added to the list of columns, the workflow actions were missing in the list view. This issue is fixed.

Problem accessing D2C sql server tables having case sensitive table names and column names. This issue is fixed now.

Problem accessing D2C Postgres tables having case sensitive table names and column names. This issue is fixed now.

Incorrectly enforcing validation on Phone Number field to complete input mask. This issue is fixed.

A Null Pointer Exception occurs when creating new tenants and Apps are overwriting the User object.

Ability to override change when the same object belongs to multiple Apps while creating a Customer.

GoogleMaps are not loading in Rollbase. This issue is fixed.

Error: "Cannot test formula because there is no object record to validate it against or another error occurred. Use "Debug Formula" button for more info" on validating the trigger formula.

Debug formula works perfectly and the trigger runs successfully.

An error message stating that there were more servers than allowed on a license when that was not the case. This issue is fixed.

The current format appears to be always showing a '$' even though the field is set to 'Other' in new UI

Approval Email Template not auto-populated in different Tenant.

Dynamically update modified fields on a record's Page instead of traditionally refreshing the Page in its entirety. 

Importing an app using an xml containing more than 15000 records throws an error message with OpenEdge Database

Uncaught SecurityError when opening popup windows in UI using Blur extension

Make more actions button visible when we have space (large screens)

Added new API getIdByOriginalId to get original Id for metadata given Ids


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