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Power-Up your HR with an AI Chatbot

Leverage an AI-driven chatbot to help HR assist employees with everyday tasks and onboard successfully new employees.

Integrate with your existing HRIS

Connect the chatbot to your HRIS systems to help your employees access all of it's functionality with a friendly chatbot. This way your employee could request time off with a chatbot and that will automatically update the records in your HRIS.


Enable HR to Create Chatbot without IT Skills

With Progress® NativeChat, you don’t need to be a developer to create an HR Chatbot, ready to answer employees’ FAQs. Let your HR team create, manage and control the chatbot's knowledge base and respond to candidates and employees without delays.

Streamline HR Processes

Train the chatbot to guide your employees through step-by-step conversations to help them through time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Employee Communication

Supercharge your HR connection with employees and make it a breeze to execute routine tasks:

  • Automate time-off requests
  • Provide information on internal policies and practices
  • Streamline selection of benefits
  • Answer frequently asked questions


Save time on repetitive recruitment tasks—let the chatbot pre-screen candidates and conduct pre- and post-interviews:

  • Streamline the job application process
  • Ask pre-screening questions
  • Automate surveys after each interview stage
  • Provide information on the interview process

Onboarding Process

Integrate your new employees with ease, introduce them to the company tools, and collect onboarding documents.

  • Share common documents and links with new employees
  • Swap boring forms with an interactive conversation
  • Help them set up logins to all required systems
  • Answer any remaining questions

Try It Yourself

Here’s a working chatbot ready to help you book time off and answer any questions around that process.

You can also create a chatbot which ask things like:

  • I want to book time off
  • What is Charity Leave?
  • Show time off balance
  • Show my booked vacations

Progress NativeChat

We are actively building the most useful and easy-to-maintain chatbot ever. If you'd like an early look at our next generation product, join the NativeChat Pilot Program.