Innovate with the Power of
Chatbots and Conversational UI

Extend your technology lead by offering AI-driven cognitive
chatbots integrated in your product.

The Challenge

Complement Your Offering With Chatbots and AI to Increase Revenue

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) face tremendous competition. Chatbots and conversational UI present an excellent opportunity for your applications to stand out from the crowd. You need to work with a vendor with the right technology and expertise to help you succeed.

the Solution

Use NativeChat to Offer Cutting Edge Technology and Reap the Rewards

Progress® NativeChat is an innovative AI-driven platform for creating and deploying chatbots. Build chatbots 15X faster and 2X cheaper than current market alternatives, expand your product portfolio, gain a competitive edge and increase your revenue.

Use Cases

Benefits for Product Leaders

Here are some of the benefits you can realize when you add a NativeChat
chatbot to your product portfolio:

Differentiate yourself from competitors with AI technologies

Generate incremental and recurring revenue

Adopt cutting-edge technologies

Learn from Progress best practices


Your development team will use NativeChat to build & deploy a chatbot.

Standard License


Facebook integration
Choice of 72 languages
Development portal
12 month subscription

$10,000 /year

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Viber integration ($1,000)
Slack integration ($1,000)
Website chat widget ($2,000)
Mobile chat widget ($2,000)
Custom chat widget ($3,000)

How it Works


1. Understand Input

The NativeChat Natural Language Engine supports dynamic training on top of existing enterprise data—like product info, company or contact names. Then it detects these entities, extracts the user intent and passes them to the Cognitive Flow.

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2. Process

NativeChat analyzes the current conversation, long-term bot memory and the goals defined by you. Then it dynamically generates the conversation flow on each user input.  


3. Deliver Response

NativeChat requests needed data from internal systems like SalesForce, Microsoft SharePoint or any API. Then it displays the response in the user's channel of choice.

Progress NativeChat

Deliver superior customer experiences—empower customers to talk with chatbots just like they would with a human on the channel of their choice.