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Get self-service alerting across trends in marketing and sales data over SMS, Email, Slack or Teams. If you'd like an early look at the product and see if it can solve your use case, sign up for the Pilot Program.

Self-Service Access to the Metrics You Want in Minutes

Without long-running BI and data warehousing projects with multiple stakeholders

The Challenge

Slow Response to Trends in Funnel Performance and Lead Flow

Sales and marketing teams are increasingly reactive to funnel performance and lead flow trends. Reporting is often done manually, or analytics projects can be slow, resulting in a backwards looking view on performance trends. This makes it difficult to adjust quickly and take action to align sales and marketing efforts.

Challenges in responding to:

  • Funnel conversion trends
    not aligned with sales
  • Anomalies in lead volume due to exceptions in lead flow
  • ABM intent data from existing systems for lead scoring
  • Trends around sales activity and lead SLAs
  • Surge alerting for hot prospects based on engagement
  • Manual steps from AB tests for paid ad performance
The solution

Act on Real-Time Alerts With Continuous Monitoring

Progress WorkEasy enables marketers to continuously monitor funnel conversion trends. Unlike traditional tools that require IT, WorkEasy is a self-service solution that empowers marketers to automate the monitoring of key metrics in minutes. Users can take action in real time based on the alert with drill down details across channels such as SMS, email and collaboration tools.

Continuous Monitoring

Reduce stress and meetings by automating all the manual steps taken to inspect the metrics you care about.

Be Proactive

Get modern notifications on only the metrics you care about in the way you like to work across SMS, email, Slack, Teams or Chatter.

Self Service Recipes

Recipes are enabled in minutes and work seamlessly with your sales and MarTech stack.

See how it works

Self Service Continuous Monitoring for Marketers

Create Trigger

When this condition happens…

Define Actions

Send alert and details via SMS, email or collaboration tools

Automate Monitoring

Enjoy life

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Sumit Sarkar Nischal Reddy Product Manager Boston, MA

Getting SMS alerts in real time for lead volume exceptions helps me sleep at night, and enables the right people to get involved to resolve exceptions in our martech stack


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