Augmented and Virtual Reality

Simplify AR / VR Adoption
for Your Business Users

Deliver immersive experiences to your clients through augmented and virtual reality solutions tailored to your needs.

The Challenge

Tame the Costs and Complexity of Showcasing 3D Designs Effectively

Ensuring that 3D designs are viewed and understood precisely remains an aspirational goal for many 3D creators and organizations. 3D creators often have to make multiple client visits in an extended sales cycle in order to make a sale. This impacts job time, costs and productivity.

The Solution

Immersive Experiences With AR / VR

Breakthroughs in AR and VR have enabled us to create solutions that demonstrate 3D models in a natural way that blends the physical and virtual worlds. Our AR / VR solutions help you deliver better experiences, increase productivity and save time and costs.

Deliver Adaptive Experiences

Deliver augmented experiences that adapt to the environment and provide experiences across devices—desktops, mobile phones and head-mounted displays (smart glass).

Precisely Convey Design Ideas

Let clients precisely visualise and immerse themselves in your offerings by conveying your design ideas in real-world proportions.

Easy Integration

Our solutions can easily integrate with your existing applications in the form of a module.

The Business Benefit

Redefine Productivity and Job Satisfaction

Our AR / VR solutions let you improve your productivity while reducing costs and ensuring that you can acquire clients faster and easier through an engaging AR / VR application.

  • Shorter Sales Cycles

    Due to the higher transparency in conveying design ideas, sales cycles are significantly shorter.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Our solutions are cost effective because they don't require any expensive hardware or software. We also provide a clear ROI calculation to our clients as a first step of engagement.

  • Improved Productivity and Engagement

    Using AR / VR solutions, your clients can engage with your designs in a much more natural way. That helps them make a faster decision, which helps to increase your productivity.

  • Best Practices and Consulting

    With Progress, you avoid the risks of emerging technology. Our experts are always available to help you understand the benefits for your use case and to make you realize your ROI quickly.

Pilot Offerings

AR for Landscaping

Create and visualize landscapes in AR in a few minutes

AR app for Product Demos

Demonstrate your products in real world environments

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