Augmented and Virtual Reality

Improve Workforce Productivity,
Safety and Satisfaction

Deliver cutting-edge training, just-in-time expertise and enhance the experience of field workers through augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) solutions tailored to your organization.

The Challenge

Tame the Costs and Complexity of Workforce Training and Productivity

Ensuring workers are trained on every type of equipment and situation—particularly when servicing complex equipment in the field—remains an aspirational goal as is leveraging insights from real-time sensor data. Experts are often required to travel on-site, and workers need to divide their attention between flipping pages of instructions and getting the job done. That impacts job time, costs and safety.

The Solution

Give Your Workforce Superpowers with AR/VR

Breakthroughs in AR and VR have enabled us to create solutions that connect people to vital information, sensor data and physical equipment in a natural way that blends the physical and virtual worlds. The Progress AR/VR platform helps you deliver better training, optimize employee workflow and democratize access to expert knowledge for your entire workforce.

Deliver Adaptive Experiences

Deliver augmented experiences that adapt to the environment and job at hand to increase worker productivity across devices—desktops, mobile phones and head-mounted displays (smart glass).

Operate Hands-Free

Workers equipped with a head-mounted display can focus on their task and safety while accessing needed information using voice control and hand gestures.

Get Expert Help

Connect with remote experts and show them what you see through a live video stream to troubleshoot together in an interactive way.

The Business Benefit

Redefine Productivity and Job Satisfaction

The Progress AR/VR platform lets you improve productivity and safety while reducing costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. Workers can get the job done faster and easier through an engaging interface.

  • More Efficient Operations

    Improve productivity and quality by providing rich information visualized in the context of a worker’s environment. Reduce human error with interactive, step-by-step guidance.

  • Cost-Effective Training

    Onboard workers faster and provide interactive training experiences that provide a realistic simulation of the job prior to going on site.

  • Instant Expert Knowledge

    Connect with remote experts to get help and collaborate on a complex task using video chat and digital annotations overlaid in the worker’s field of view.

  • Improved Safety and Compliance

    Easily access step-by-step instructions, sensor data and compliance checklists while remaining hands-on and focused on the task.

Tailored AR/VR Experiences

We tailor our solution to your specific needs. Depending on your use case, we can help you deliver augmented and/or virtual reality adaptive experiences across mobile, desktop or head-mounted devices. For example, virtual reality is a good fit for fully immersive training whereas augmented reality is better suited for on-the-job applications. We'll work closely with you to identify the right delivery devices for your needs and will optimize the solution accordingly.


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