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Kinvey Studio

The fastest way for professional developers to build enterprise apps for web, mobile and chat.

The Challenge

Speed Up Development
While Retaining Control

Top performing development teams focus on the innovative, custom areas of an application. Professional developers need full access to all source code, so they can use their preferred processes and tools. Most visual tools on the market provide initial speed, but then block developers from actual development.

The solution

Kinvey Studio – The High-Performance Tool for Professional Developers

Use round-trip generation combined with data aware UI builders to quickly build out the app, all while writing as much custom code as you want.

Code Sharing

Code Sharing Between Web and Mobile

Deliver cross platform apps across native iOS, native Android, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Responsive Web Apps from a single cross-platform Angular code base.

Drag and Drop

Visual Drag & Drop UI Builder

Use the built-in common templates or build fully customized views and app flow with a simple drag & drop UI.

Full Control

Full Control Over App Source Code

We don’t hold your app source code hostage. Use your favorite IDEs, source control, and CI tools.

Easy Auth

Authentication Made Easy

Quickly create login screens and integrate with social and enterprise login providers.

Full Kinvey Integration

Full Integration With Kinvey

Access enterprise and legacy data, cloud functions, online/offine data sync and more.

Full Kinvey Integration

Angular & NativeScript

Enjoy all the benefits of modern Angular development. Get 100% 0-day access to all native platform APIs and 3rd party libraries with NativeScript.


How It Works

Progress Kinvey Studio helps developers to move quickly while keeping their focus on UX and the unique value of their application:

Progress Kinvey

Deliver app experiences fast with our high productivity platform.