Serverless Backend

Go faster on a modern platform that
delivers at consumer-scale.

The Challenge

Mission-Critical Business Apps Must
Scale Dynamically

Enterprises are increasingly expected to deliver consumer-grade applications that can scale to meet user and business demand. App development is becoming complex, with an expectation of multiple channels and a rapid shift to cloud-based development using containers and microservices. Development teams are increasingly looking for ways to manage this complexity to deliver faster and focus on the user experiences.

The solution

Kinvey Serverless Architecture

Easily develop and deploy your enterprise apps on a secure, modern serverless cloud platform without having to worry about infrastructure or operations. Developers focus on app business value and UX, while the Progress Kinvey serverless cloud platform manages and auto-scales all enterprise app infrastructure across cloud services, microservices and functions.

How it Works

Progress Kinvey serverless architecture provides all infrastructure and operations required to run modern apps at scale. That enables developers to focus on the user experience of the app and not think about servers:


Operations and Application
Set Up

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Key Features

Progress Kinvey

Deliver app experiences fast with our high productivity platform.