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Digital Transformation Requires a Modern App Factory

Modernize your app development with a cutting-edge cloud solution that gives you the flexibility and speed you need.

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3 Reasons to Build Enterprise Apps with {N} and Kinvey

Why should you develop with NativeScript and Kinvey? Learn the top reasons this combination is ideal for easily building rich enterprise applications.

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Top 4 Developer Features in Kinvey

A list of popular developer features in Kinvey. Just practical features that will help you develop better apps more quickly with links to resources.

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Success Stories

VMware’s Customer Support App

By migrating to Kinvey, VMware was able to free up resources so it could better focus on delivering more value to users.

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Driving Energy Management Product Innovation

With an eye toward innovation, Kinvey enables Schneider Electric to develop feature-rich applications even faster.

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Smart Energy Management App

With Kinvey, 75Fahrenheit was able to develop and launch its energy management applications and devices without having to expand its in-house development team.

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Why Use Kinvey

Why use a serverless backend like Kinvey? We recently surveyed our customers to find out. From masking system complexity from developers and users to being able to react quickly to feedback, Kinvey can improve your app development process significantly. Download this infographic today and see how other businesses are benefitting from using Kinvey.

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Business Value of Kinvey

Kinvey has helped many organizations dramatically improve the quality of their mobile presence. This whitepaper demonstrates how clients have used Kinvey to launch their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) app in record time and with high levels of user adoption and exceptional app ratings. Achieve your mobile goals faster by focusing on innovation rather than infrastructure with Progress.

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Kinvey Cloud Services Security Overview

Security and privacy are major concerns when it comes to enterprise mobile applications, which is why the Kinvey application development platform was built with this in mind. To learn more, download the complete whitepaper.

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Why You Need a New Mobile Architecture

If your existing web architecture doesn't support unique mobile needs, now is the time for change. This whitepaper outlines how Kinvey provides a new mobile architecture that enables delivery of these new enterprise applications with rapid development times and consistency for IT.

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An Introduction to NativeScript and Kinvey

Get an introduction into how Kinvey and NativeScript work together in this short video. Build better apps faster by integrating both Kinvey and NativeScript into your app projects!

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An Introduction to DataDirect and Kinvey 

By integrating both Kinvey and DataDirect into your app projects, you can build better apps even faster. Watch this webinar to see how Kinvey and DataDirect can be used together to streamline app development.

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Venado Technologies Builds a Mobile App in Under a Month With Kinvey

Justin Lake, Principal at Venado Technologies, explains how they built an MVP for a field service mobile app in less than 30 days by using Kinvey's mBaaS to accelerate development. The video also explains how Kinvey's mobile Backend as a Service fits into Venado's stack and helps them win business by developing better apps faster than their competitors.

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Finding App ROI Through Time and Money

When time is money, mobile applications can be the single best solution for enterprises looking to save both. This webinar explores how to generate ROI from mobile apps, improve process efficiencies and show value from project investments.

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5 Architecture Considerations for Highly Innovative CIOs

Your app architecture will make or break digital transformation efforts. This webinar discusses the five architecture considerations you need to address to overcome digital complexity while mitigating cost, compliance and other major concerns.

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Digital Transformation and the Modern App Factory

New technologies have accelerated the pace of business. Now, IT leaders must rethink their app development strategies to boost their agility. This webinar explores how a cloud-first strategy can help your business embrace digital transformation.

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Mobile Modernization Architect Playbook

Read how to keep your legacy systems stable, while moving your technology stack into the future, starting with mobile and the cloud.

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