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Progress Kinvey is a modern platform for rapidly building complex enterprise apps and scalable consumer app experiences.

High Productivity with Progress Kinvey

High Productivity App Development

Kinvey is a serverless application development platform to develop multichannel apps which are deployed on a cloud backend that will auto-scale to the highest levels, while integrating with existing cloud and legacy systems across data and auth.



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The Platform

Cross Platform Development for Native App Experiences

Develop more quickly while maintaining flexibility with cross platform, open source frameworks to deliver native iOS, native Android and web apps using easy to find developers.

Cross Platform Development for Native App Experiences


Progressive Web Apps (PWA)






Serverless Architecture

Offline, Synchronization and Encryption for Client

Simplify and secure complex mobile app development, with built-in support for offline data storage, sync and encryption - from any data source.

Offline, Synchronization and Encryption for Client

Operational Intelligence Management

Gain insight into app usage and performance with Operational intelligence, delivering standard and customizable dashboards for analytics focused on end user experiences across performance optimization, compliance events, root cause analysis and more.

Digital Lifecycle Management

Simple setup and management of modern app environments using web console or CLI tools that integrate with popular devops toolchains to enable continuous integration and automated deployment.

Engagement Services

Engage your users with built-in Push Notifications, Email, SMS, Location and Live data where backend changes are pushed down to the app or device in real-time

Compliant Data Store, File Store, Caching and Sync

Store, secure, and accelerate your data with built-in end-to-end data storage and synchronization. This includes cloud caching, CDN, client-side caching, synchronization policies, conflict resolution and delta sync to optimize data transfers

Microservices and Cloud Functions for Business Logic

Kinvey Microservices Runtime defines business events using serverless functions and microservices in node.js. Business Logic is commonly used to enable Triggering messages such as email and push notifications on developer-defined changes in the data store.

Cognitive Services

Further differentiate your apps and experiences with cognitive services by automating the data science lifecycle across building models, data preparation, and model management.

Rapid Data and Security Integration

Deliver enterprise apps with seamless access to complex enterprise infrastructure, while protecting sensitive systems from modern workloads. Secure access to applications by extending your existing auth providers to digital experiences.

Rapid Data and Security Integration

Enterprise Grade Low-code

Integration and Security

Enterprise Systems

Identity Systems

Key Platform Features


Progress Kinvey Pricing

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Progress Kinvey

Serverless cloud platform delivers a low code studio, data integrations, legacy system acceleration and complete app backend for developers creating new mobile, web and chat applications.