Open Source Frontend
Frameworks to
Accelerate Development

Go faster with NativeScript to deliver cross-platform native apps.

The Challenge

Boost Developer Productivity in a
World of “More Apps, Faster”

Demand for excellent, optimized enterprise mobile and web experiences keeps the pressure on development teams to produce more apps faster every day, while for the business there’s only so much developer talent to go around. Many low-code platforms can result in apps with poor user experiences, and no-code solutions for “citizen developers” generate apps of very limited use.

The solution

The Solution—NativeScript

Progress® NativeScript® is an open source framework that enables your existing JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, and Vue.js developer teams to deliver native iOS, Android and web apps faster on the Progress Kinvey platform. It’s designed to provide the developer control required to deliver beautiful UX faster with significant code reuse between web and mobile tiers. Unlike other JavaScript mobile platforms, NativeScript always gives you direct access to all native platform APIs, even third-party iOS and Android code.

Rich Immersive Experiences

  • Deliver native augmented reality (AR) experiences with open source plugins.
  • Develop on ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android, with JavaScript.

High Productivity Through Code Sharing

Thanks to the combination of NativeScript and Angular's platform-agnostic architecture, now you can share your code between Android, iOS and web.

Blazing Fast

Only truly native applications deliver truly native performance. Use a pure native solution like NativeScript for blazing fast performance—no hacks or HTML.

Easy to Use for any Developer

  • New developers will appreciate the familiar syntaxes and concepts.
  • Expert developers will find it easy to interact with the native subsystems of iOS and Android.
  • Web developers can use JavaScript to build NativeScript apps.
  • Object Oriented fans can use TypeScript. You can also use Angular for the application architecture.

Adaptive Wearable Apps

  • Deliver native experiences on wearables with open source plugins.
  • Develop for Apple Watch and Android Wear OS, with JavaScript.
  • Deliver UIs across a variety of watch shapes.

Progress Kinvey

Deliver app experiences fast with our high productivity platform.