The digital journey in manufacturing requires a focus on customer engagement and operational efficiency
Established manufacturers are facing increasing customer expectations and competition from innovative competitors and business models. Disruption is creating significant pressure for manufacturers to quickly deliver new digital products and services that customers demand while increasing operational efficiency.
Enterprises need to go digital and differentiate based on what makes them unique. However, legacy infrastructure and processes are pervasive for established manufacturers whose core business is not focused on modern software delivery.

Why Kinvey for Digital Innovation in Manufacturing

Rapidly delivering digital innovation for established manufacturers is what makes Progress unique.
Focused on Established Enterprises
Progress offers a variety of services for each stage of the journey—from strategy, design and development to customer success. This includes services to transform ideas into solutions, including the Digital Experience Fast Track program to show key stakeholders a working demo of a business strategy.
Engineered for Manufacturing IT
Manufacturers are faced with endless options of emerging technologies while trying to manage legacy IT investments. Progress’ modern app platform includes patented technologies to seamlessly integrate with core Manufacturing systems, assets and processes, without disrupting their operations.
Accelerated Digital Innovation
Start with the industry’s most modern enterprise-grade building blocks to focus on delivering value. Deliver differentiated solutions using leading technologies developed at Progress across cross platform native apps, conversational experiences with voice and chat, augmented reality and our IoT gateway with automated AI/ML services.

Use Cases in Manufacturing

Established manufacturers choose Progress Kinvey to deliver solutions across a variety of use cases focused on digital innovation.

Differentiate with Customer Engagement

Differentiate your business by delivering products and services focused on the customer experience. That starts with enterprise and device-connected apps deployed on Progress Kinvey. Customers will experience your products and services in new ways that will expand addressable markets and unlock potential from digital relationships previously out of reach.

Transform Field Service Operations

Enable field service workers to increase operational efficiency and deliver differentiated customer outcomes. That’s done with freedom of choice for devices, chatbot capabilities, digitized paper trails and an always-connected experience with enterprise systems when offline with large data sets.

Turn Data into Assets using AI/ML
Capture valuable insights from Internet of Things (IoT) devices and digital customer touchpoints to improve operational efficiency and transform business models. Kinvey delivers a modern data architecture to uniquely capture and analyze data from manufacturing assets, and then publish these valuable insights for consumption by new data consumers and business models. Kinvey AI/ML services run privately on your data sets.
Success Story

Schneider Electric Drives Product Innovation with Kinvey

With an eye toward innovation, Kinvey enables Schneider Electric to develop feature-rich applications even faster.

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