Established enterprises whose core business isn’t software need to compete in a digital world. Progress can help you ramp up your digital innovation for better employee and customer engagement, application modernization, harvesting Internet of Things data and more.

Use Cases

Customer Engagement

Quickly deliver immersive, multichannel consumer-grade apps customers and employees will love. From native apps on iOS and Android to intelligent chatbots, get everything you need to stand out from the digital crowd.

Employee Engagement

Eliminate the need for employees to juggle multiple mobile apps and web portals to accomplish simple tasks. Deliver microservices where employees access only the app functions they need to accomplish job-related tasks.

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Application Modernization

Deploy new modern app channels or unify sprawling legacy and modern applications, services and portals into a single elegant app. Innovate faster with an architecture engineered to work with your existing enterprise assets.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Turn the wide array of data produced by IoT devices and sensors into actionable insights. Analyze IoT data without data science expertise to predict and prevent asset downtime.


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Deliver operational and clinical efficiency and a seamless digital experience by leveraging a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform.

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Leverage technologies to smoothly integrate with core manufacturing systems, assets and processes, without disrupting operations.


Deliver consumer-grade experiences connected with core insurance systems without disrupting operations—all while protecting sensitive information.


4 Week Innovation Sprint 

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