Enterprise Security on the Kinvey Platform

Kinvey mitigates security and privacy risks by isolating and protecting enterprise data and networks from client apps running on untrusted devices and networks.

The Challenge

The Digital App Security

Security and privacy are major concerns when it comes to enterprise mobile and web applications. Many businesses just aren’t as confident in their modern app security controls and policies as they’d like to be. Mitigating that risk is now within reach because with Progress® Kinvey™, security is built-in.

The solution

The Progress Kinvey Approach
to Enterprise Security

Progress (NASDAQ:PRGS) has well-established corporate and product level InfoSec programs, largely influenced by security frameworks such as ISO-27000x and NIST 800-53.

We review, affirm, and evolve our security controls on an annual basis via SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other compliance activities. For customers in banking focused about FFIEC or GLBA regs, in healthcare focused on HIPAA, or doing business in the EU and concerned about GDPR, the Kinvey platform provides comprehensive end-to-end security with the capabilities needed to support your regulatory compliance efforts

Ryan Buckley

Director, Product Security and Compliance

“We operate a highly evolved information security program that our customers can have great confidence in. We recognize that we provide solutions to highly regulated companies, institutions, and organizations such as banks, healthcare providers, and other security minded customers. It's because of this that we behave as if we were one of those entities by subjecting ourselves to the same internal controls and security practices.

We provide access to our engineers and our staff CISO’s whenever needed so that customers can discuss security practices and controls. We provide attestation materials on request so that customers can be confident in our security, as well as show thorough vendor due diligence to their own auditors and regulators.

After joining Progress in 2016 as a Product CISO after 15 years as a Bank CISO and CIO, I was immediately impressed with the security program and culture here. How we secure our products, and how we maintain our infrastructure and cloud security controls has only matured since then. We look forward to speaking with your InfoSec staff if you have questions about our program.”


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Application & Infrastructure Security Controls on the Kinvey Platform

For an in-depth, illustrated look at the Kinvey approach to enterprise mobile app security, download the Progress whitepaper, which includes a comprehensive security checklist for your enterprise.

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