Kinvey AI/ML

Differentiate with data science capabilities engineered for modern apps.

The Challenge

Data Science Remains Elusive for Business Apps 

Organizations often have limited data science practices that revolve around business intelligence and analytics and are far removed from software development teams. As a result, data science is often an afterthought for modern business apps, which focus on delivering operational efficiency and engaging customers across new channels. To tackle complex business problems with the latest tech, enterprises need better collaboration between software development and data science.

The solution

Kinvey AI/ML

Kinvey AI/ML is a data science capability that analyzes enterprise data to uncover the previously inaccessible insights required to address complex business problems. Develop and operationalize data science solutions to deliver differentiated app experiences.

How It Works

Kinvey AI/ML enables modern software development teams to integrate data science to solve complex business problems:

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