Kinvey Accelerate

Go faster with enterprise data management capabilities engineered for modern apps.

The Challenge

Building Apps on Enterprise
Systems Can Be Slow and Risky

As the demand to deliver apps continues to grow, building them on enterprise systems becomes important to provide a connected user experience. But integrating apps with enterprise systems can delay projects and introduce significant risk since systems of record are not engineered to scale for modern app workloads.

The solution

Kinvey Accelerate

Progress Kinvey Accelerate is engineered to protect, virtualize and synchronize data and authentication layers from disparate enterprise systems for use in your apps. It includes cloud caching, offline data management with delta synchronization, identity integrations, and no-code and low-code microservices for external data.

How It Works

Kinvey Accelerate helps developers to move quickly while keeping their focus on UX and the unique value of their application:

Progress Kinvey

Deliver mobile experiences fast with our high productivity app platform.