JDBC Driver

Reliable Type 5 JDBC Access to Your Data

The Progress DataDirect Salesforce JDBC driver enables access to business-critical cloud data via SQL and JDBC to The Connect XE for JDBC Driver combines read/write access to Salesforce objects, custom objects, and reports with realtime data caching and Type 5 JDBC driver features.

Try it now – Download Salesforce JDBC driver.

  • Simple JDBC / SQL access to data with full read/write access
  • Superior performance and scalability
  • Type 5 JDBC functionality and benefits such as unrestricted performance and resource efficiency

Features & Benefits

Exposes the full breadth of Salesforce data to a wide variety of commercial and custom-built Java applications

Full read / write access and support for the JDBC API and SQL-92 standard is available to Salesforce standard objects, custom objects, and reporting infrastructure.

Optimizes access to Salesforce data for fast performance and unparalleled scalability

A full SQL engine, combined with the driver’s unique realtime data caching features, significantly minimizes web service calls.

Leverages Type 5 JDBC functionality to deliver advanced feature support

With Bulk Insert, Update, and Delete support along with Connection Failover and more, the driver can be easily integrated into the most demanding data access use cases.

Enables streamlined modification of Salesforce data

Our driver is written to the Salesforce API, and it is widely used for modifying data, including bulk loading.


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