Being an iMail Server administrator has never been easier.


All of the server administration features listed below can be accessed in two convenient ways – through our Console Administrator or remotely through our Web Administrator. Simply put, this allows iMail administrators the convenience of viewing and managing their users and system settings from anywhere in the world.

Both options allow easy administrative access to users, domains, services, log viewing and management along with an intuitive interface for the following set of extensive features.

Feature List
  • Single and Group Alias Support
  • List Support with configurable options
  • Create unlimited domains
  • Control Message Size on Mailboxes and Domains
  • Support for Inbound by Domains and Users
  • Outbound Rules Support
  • Active Directory Support
  • Easy List Management
  • Configurable location of logs
  • White Lists
  • Attachment Blocking
  • Copy All Mail
  • External Database support (MS SQL, Access)
  • Use of virtual domains when limited IP addresses are available
  • Unlimited Maximum Mailbox Size
  • Maintain Separate Trailer Messages at Domain Level

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