iMail makes business collaboration easy.


As businesses rely more and more on a mobile, distributed and multi-tasking workforce, having a solid set of collaboration tools is a necessity.

Business users must be able to:

  • Communicate with colleagues whether they are down the hall or across the ocean
  • Collaborate together on documents without missing crucial changes
  • Schedule meetings
  • Update contact information publicly
  • Track the status of multi-person projects
iMail Server allows Microsoft Outlook users to collaborate with each other effectively through an integrated and easy to use email collaboration platform.

iMail Server Collaboration Features

  • Secure within your organization, including free/busy scheduling
  • Share Calendars, Contacts, Email, Tasks and Notes
  • Public Calendars
  • Public Contacts
  • User control access to personal folders
  • Does not Require an Exchange Server
  • Works with Outlook 2000 and Above
  • Sync Outlook contacts with Web Messaging

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