iMail Editions

Which version of iMail best suits your needs?


iMail is a scalable mail server which can suit a variety of needs and functions within your organization. If you need over 2,500 users and POP3 Accounts, Check out Secure Server!

Need a Replacement for Exchange without the high cost? We’ve got your covered! iMail Server Basic comes with everything you need to not only email securely but Collaborate with everyone in your Organization! Need Collaboration and Set It and Forget It” Spam Filtering - Check our iMail Premium!


iMail Standard

iMail Premium

iMail Secure

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Scalable, standards-based, Windows email server with Webmail, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP and list server   
Basic anti-spam with blacklists, Bayesian filter, phrase filters, and SPF   
Trusted Realtime Whitelists   
Enhanced security with SSL Encryption, SMTP Auth and dictionary attack sensing   
Password sensitivity security controls in Domain Properties   
Basic Email Archiving   
12 months unlimited support and product updates and patches   
24×7 Support Agreement
Secure instant messaging with 168-bit 3DES encryption   
Shared Outlook calendars, global address books, tasks and notes with Web access   
CYREN Premium anti-spam with automatic updates and network based protection against email borne threats   
External Address Verification
Maximum Number of UsersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®OptionalOptionalOptional
Integrated Anti-virusOptionalOptional 
CYREN Virus Outbreak Detection (VOD)OptionalOptional 

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