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iMail protects your business and your users from email borne threats by offering Cyren anti-virus technology. Cyren makes use of two different technologies to ensure maximum protection.


iMail Anti-Virus powered by CYREN

The CYREN GlobalView™ Cloud compiles both historical and up-to-the-minute sender reputation data from highly diverse traffic sources in every country, with coverage from managed services and network hardware devices to desktop software. This patented Recurrent Pattern Detection™ technology automatically aggregates a high-level view of all senders, distinguishing in real time between legitimate corporate senders, valid publishers, zombies, and spammers/malware distributors.
What Makes iMail Anti-Virus powered by CYREN Different?
  • Multiple detection techniques – a multi-layered platform including heuristics, emulation, and signatures is used for maximum protection
  • Low resource consumption meaning negligible impact on throughput
  • Award-winning technology – received VB100, West Coast Labs and ICSA awards for superior detection rates
  • Requires up to half the server space compared to other leading anti-virus competitors
  • CYREN Virus Outbreak Detection is included at no additional charge

CYREN Virus Outbreak Detection

CYREN VOD is unique from traditional anti-virus solutions in that it develops protection for new emerging viruses or for variants of known viruses that when released in rapid bursts create an outbreak.
How is CYREN VOD different?
  • No signatures – Most AV solutions depend on signature and/or heuristic (rule-based) technology to identify and block viruses. CYREN VOD works independently of signatures, requiring no updates.
  • It’s immediate – With no signatures or updates to wait on, CYREN VOD can effectively start detecting virus outbreaks the moment they emerge.

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