Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Which version is best for me, Professional or Enterprise?

  • What is personal Edition?

  • What is the iMacros Player?

  • Does iMacros work with every website?

  • How do the paid versions differ from the free browser extensions?

  • Will the macros I create with the browser extensions work with the Professional or Enterprise editions?

  • Why do I need a Progress Community account?

Purchasing iMacros

Integrating and Distributing iMacros

  • Can we use the macros we create across our company?

  • I'd like to create macros for my clients. Is there a way to do that with iMacros?

Technical Questions

Please see our extensive list of FAQs in the iMacros wiki for answers to common technical questions.

Need Any Help?

If you need any assistance with iMacros, please contact us.