Release 4.6.1

An asterisk (*) indicates a fix or enhancement that was included in a hotfix or software patch subsequent to the release.

Resolved Issues

Issue HDP-4490 ODataApplicationException returned when filtering on BIT/BOOLEAN field*

When exposing a Microsoft SQL Server table via OData Version 4 and filtering on a BIT/BOOLEAN field, Hybrid Data Pipeline returned the ODataApplicationException An expression of non-boolean type specified in a context where a condition is expected, near ')'.

Issue HDP-4480 Shutdown script not working*

With some shell configurations, the Hybrid Data Pipeline shutdown script was not shutting down Hybrid Data Pipeline server processes.

Issue HDP-4465 Parenthesis in OData query not honored*

When translating an OData Version 4 query to a SQL query, Hybrid Data Pipeline did not honor the parenthesis in the OData query. This caused the reordering of the operator precedence, and lead to incorrect results. The parenthesis in OData queries is now reproduced in SQL queries to maintain operator precedence.

Issue HDP-4464 Intermittent error "origin=driver message=PAYLOAD_TYPE_BINARY != opcode, was 10"*

When connecting to an on-premise data source using the On-Premises Connector, the error "origin=driver message=PAYLOAD_TYPE_BINARY != opcode, was 10" was returned. The On-Premises Connector now correctly handles Pongs sent from load balancers according to WebSocket protocol.


Web UI data source sharing feature

The Web UI has been enhanced to support data source sharing. The owner of a data source can now share access to a data store with Hybrid Data Pipeline users and tenants through the Data Sources view in the Web UI.

Web UI IP address whitelist feature

The Web UI has been enhanced to fully support the IP address whitelist feature. Administrators can secure access to Hybrid Data Pipeline resources by implementing IP address whitelists through the Web UI. The Web UI can be used to create IP address whitelists at the system level, tenant level, user level, or some combination of these levels

Web UI navigation bar

The navigation bar can be expanded to show the names of the views supported in the Web UI. The icons in the navigation bar have been reordered and updated.

PostgreSQL OData Version 4 stored functions

Hybrid Data Pipeline supports exposing stored functions for OData Version 4 connectivity to PostgreSQL data sources. When configuring a PostgreSQL data source, the OData schema map can be configured to expose stored functions.

JDBC and ODBC throttling

A new throttling limit has been introduced in the System Limits view. The XdbcMaxResponse limit can be used to set the approximate maximum size of JDBC and ODBC HTTP result data.

ODBC driver branded installation

The ODBC driver installation program has been enhanced to support branded installations for OEM customers. The branded driver can then be distributed with OEM customer client applications. For the Hybrid Data Pipeline ODBC driver distribution guide, visit the Progress DataDirect Product Books page on the Progress PartnerLink website (login required).

Tomcat upgrade

The Hybrid Data Pipeline server and On-Premises Connector have been upgraded to install and use Tomcat 9.0.20.

Known Issues

See Hybrid Data Pipeline known issues for details.


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