Understanding the Application Directory

What is the Application Directory?

The Progress Rollbase Application Directory contains a growing number of business applications that you can browse, test drive and install into your Progress Rollbase account with a single click. All applications available in this directory have been built using Progress Rollbase and are designed to run exclusively on the Progress Rollbase platform.

Who can use the Application Directory?

Anyone with a Progress Rollbase account, including trial users, can test drive and install applications from the directory. If you don't already have an account, sign up now for a Free 30-Day Trial.

Who creates the applications in the Application Directory?

All applications currently available in the directory have been built and published by our own in-house Rollbase experts. As more users become familiar with Progress Rollbase, you will see applications published by partners, developers and anyone else that chooses to participate. Each application is reviewed by Progress Rollbase staff before it becomes available in the Application Directory.

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