Security, Quality Control and Data Ownership

Can anyone else access applications that I install?

No. Only users in your Progress Rollbase account that you give access to can access applications you have installed. Publishers do not have the ability to access your applications, they can only publish new versions of the application for you to install if you choose to.

Does Progress Rollbase enforce any quality control on published applications?

Yes. All applications are reviewed by Progress Rollbase staff to ensure they meet basic certification guidelines before they are made available for installation. These certification guidelines will be made available prior to the completion of the beta period.

Do I own all of the data stored in an application that I install?

Yes. All of the data stored in any of your applications is exclusively owned by you and Progress Rollbase includes features that make it easy to extract all of your data on-demand. If you delete an application all of the data inside it will be permanently deleted.

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