Installing and Upgrading Applications

How do I evaluate an application before installing it?

Most applications provide a Test Drive button allowing you to login to a fully functional read-only version of that application to experience it first-hand. You do not need to have a Progress Rollbase account to access Test Drives. In addition, the Application Directory includes a rating and reviews system providing a way for Rollbase users to voice opinions and feedback on each application.

How many applications can I install?

You can install as many applications as you want. Many applications include portals which can be integrated with your website. However, you are limited in the number of portals that can be deployed at any given time. If you are using a Trial version of Progress Rollbase you can only have 1 deployed portal.

Once I install an application, who can use it?

After an application is installed, only Administrator users will be able to access it. As an Administrator you can edit the application's permissions to provide access on a role and user-specific basis.

Can applications installed from the Application Directory be customized?

Yes. Any application in your account can be completely customized to meet your specific business needs. In this respect there is no difference between applications created by you and those installed into your account from the Application Directory.

How do upgrades work for applications installed from the Application Directory?

Application publishers can update their applications at any time. If you have installed an application that has updates available, you will see "Updates Available" when viewing the application's details in the Setup area. By clicking "Check Updates" you will be taken to the application's page in the Application Directory where you will see an "Install Updates" button. This will install any new components included in the updated version of that application. You will also be given the option to overwrite any changes you may have made to components installed from previous versions (we do not typically recommend this option unless you are sure you have not made any important customizations to the application since you installed it).

Can I uninstall applications installed from the Application Directory?

Yes. Any Progress Rollbase application can be deleted from your account, regardless of whether it was created by you or installed from the Application Directory. Progress Rollbase enforces a safety precaution for applications, objects and portals by not allowing you to delete them until 1 hour after they have been undeployed.

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