Welcome to Unite UX Studio!

Progress® Unite UX® Studio is a tool for developers where they can create and manage high-performance, responsive web applications which support the implementation of Kendo UI components.

Unite UX Studio provides the following functionality and features:

  • Utilizes the contemporary HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies.
  • Separates the user interface (UI) from the project business logic which runs on the application server.
  • Provides extension points for customizing the functional units of the web project.
  • Delivers access to predefined visual components for easily setting up the layout and content of the web application.
  • Saves a significant amount of efforts and time otherwise needed for web development.

Supported Frameworks

Building Blocks

The Building Blocks of the Unite UX Studio


  • Views are the functional units of the web application and provide the settings that are available for each page of the web application.
  • The user-defined view is the Blank view. The Blank and the App Layout views are views which allow the usage and further modification of components.


  • Components can be used in the Blank and App Layout views.
  • The built-in components are delivered by the Studio out of the box. Similar to views, their predefined layout, look, and feel aim at facilitating the implementation of the most common scenarios. Based on the similar features they deliver, the components are grouped into subsets such as Data Management or Layout components.
  • The Studio also supports the implementation of custom componentsin your web project.

Data Providers

Extension Points

The extension points enable you to customize specific aspects of the generated web project.

  • Custom code—The custom code enables you to handle events from the component or application lifecycle.
  • Custom templates—The custom templates allow you to define complex monolithic and reusable structures.
  • Custom styles—The modified styles enable you to personalize the appearance of the web application.
  • Custom themes—The custom themes help you create your own company-brand compliant themes and seamlessly use them in the web project.
  • Extending the package.json file—The package.json extension points allow you to add your own packages.
  • Extending the .angular-cli.json file—The options to extend .angular-cli.json enables you to include your own settings.
  • Extending the HTML head—Allows you to add elements, such as custom code or links, to the head of the generated web project.

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