Managing the Application

You can duplicate, export, remove, or delete your web project y using the Settings menu on the application card (or list item).

Getting Started

Settings includes the following options for managing your application:

  • Duplicate—Copies the whole application, including its metadata and artifacts, and duplicates the project to both the Cards and List views, and in your file system.
  • Export—Archives in a .zip format and exports all application files, excluding the node_modules folder. The Export option is convenient, for example, when you need to send your project to the Support Team for investigating an issue.

    To export an application:

    1. Click Export. As a result, the dialog box for setting the location appears.
    2. Select a location for the exported .zip folder and click Save.
  • Reveal—Opens the file system location of the project.

  • Remove—Removes the application from the Cards and List views, but the application files remain in your file system and can be imported.
  • Delete—Permanently removes the application from both the Cards and List views, and from your file system, and the application cannot be restored.
  • Applications which need to be migrated expose the Migrate option in addition to the regular set of managing options. When you click Migrate, the Studio updates the metadata versions and removes the label from the card (or list item).
  • Applications which are Unavailable expose only the Remove option.

Unite UX Managing Options


The Studio enables you to search for a project on the Dashboard by entering your input in the Search field. As a result, the names of all applications that are present on the Dashboard are filtered and the matching results displayed. The Search options works in both the Cards and List views.


The Studio enables you to sort the applications by name or framework, as well as to clear all sorting criteria. To apply sorting on the Cards view, use the Sort drop-down menu. To apply sorting on the List view, click on the respective grid header.

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