Import from Unite UX Studio

You can export the latest changes from Unite UX Studio by using the MetaBridge metadata format and import them in the Unite UX Sketch design tool.

For the Beta version of Unite UX, the imported metadata will contain only the image with the view that is created by the developer in the resolution of the Sketch Artboard from which the view is created. In this way, designers will be able to see the difference between the design and the real view in the generated application. It is up to the designers whether they will apply the changes which are suggested by the developers. Designers and developers may import, update, and export the content as many times as it is needed until they complete the application and its design.

To import the application from Unite UX Studio to Unite UX Sketch:

  1. From the Plugins menu, select Unite UX > Import from UX Studio. As a result, the plugin opens a dialog with all loaded thumbnails for all views in all Unite UX modules. The previously imported views will be checked.

    Import from UX Studio

  2. Select the views you want to import by checking them.

    Import from UX Studio

  3. The corresponding view snapshots will be loaded to the Sketch document and will be positioned under the related artboards.

    Snapshot from UX Studio

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