Sample applications in Unite UX Studio

When you start Unite UX Studio you will find that a special green labeled card is shown on the dashboard page.

Dashboard page

This card points to distributed with Unite UX Studio sample dashboard application. This application is an Angular app designed and developed by Unite UX team. It showcase real world example of responsive web application. The app contains 4 pages with navigation between them, some business logic for manipulation of the related to the app data sources and a custom component wrapped in Unite UX custom component template.

Sample app in Studio

To generate and preview the application you need first to save it on your file system. You can do this by clicking on the Dashboard card. A save dialog will be opened and you can choose where on your file system to save the application.

Save sample app dialog

When application is saved on your file system it will be automatically opened and the Studio will navigate to its views

first view sample app

When the sample application is saved on your file system and you return to the Dashboard view in Unite UX Studio the green label of the Dashboard application will be gone and the Dashboard application will be shown as a standard Unite UX application.

Standard dashboard

In case you delete it the green sample application card will be shown again as a first card in the Unite UX studio dashboard page.

Sample application design

The design of the Dashboard sample application can be found in the directory where you saved the sample application. The sketch file is named Dashboard.sketch and can be directly opened in Sketch application. When you load it in sketch you can export it via Unite UX plugin as Unite UX project.

When the Dashboard design is exported from sketch it does not contain cut responsive layout and you need manually to cut it in order to have responsive web application. Also the team-members custom component will not be included in the generated application, so you need to add it manually. You can get it from the distributed with Unite UX Studio sample application (described in above section).

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