Design canvas commands buttons

Design Canvas

  • Measures—Enables or disables visual lines and measurements between currently selected element and other elements.

Responsive canvas commands buttons

Responsive Canvas

  • Guidelines—Enables or disables the visual guidelines which are the borders of the rows and column elements in the RESPONSIVE canvas.

    The following image demonstrates when the guidelines are enabled.

    Turned on guidelines

    The following image demonstrates when the guidelines are disabled.

    Turned off guidelines

  • Breakpoints—Represents a drop-down which contains the available breakpoints in the Bootstrap framework. When a breakpoint is selected, the canvas will be resized to it.

  • Zoom In/Zoom Out—Zooms in or zooms out the canvas. To trigger the zoom in action, use the Cmd or Ctrl button and the + sign. To trigger the zoom out action, use the Cmd or Ctrl and the - sign.

Log Messages

To facilitate the troubleshooting processes when you build applications, the >_OUTPUT bar displays the log messages. For more information, refer to the articles on troubleshooting.

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