Unite UX version 0.7.0 Release Notes

Breaking Change Changed

  • Public classes, that contain your custom code in generated Angular application, are now decorated with the @Component annotation. As these classes are generated only once to preserve your customizations, you need to manually update them. For each view update the [VIEW_NAME].view.component.ts class by following these steps:

  1. Import Component from @angular/core package
  2. Import componentConfig from [VIEW_NAME].view.base.component
  3. Decorate the class with @Component(componentConfig) annotation

Features Changed

  • Support Multiple App Layouts

  • Increase Design Canvas' View height in design mode

  • Add ChartArea property to charts components

  • Change auto-generated ID of components in Sketch to not contain GUID as suffix

  • Order detached tree list items by their visual order from top to bottom

Fixes Changed

  • Flex columns become narrow after changing the screen size

  • Code tab is not refreshed when you switch tabs and generate

  • Auto-complete in Angular throws an error in browser

  • Code editor doesn't transition correctly between files

  • The color pickers when creating a theme with Unite UX plugin is not displayed

  • Custom CSS is lost after exporting application via the Studio

  • Public properties added in public class and referred in the HTML template throws error in AOT compilation

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