Unite UX version 0.6.0 Release Notes

Features Changed

  • More theme customizations in Sketch

    • border (on/off, width, radius, color and opacity)
    • gradient
    • shadow
  • Apply app generation only for changed metadata

  • Add DateRange component

  • Add multi-view-calendar component

  • Transfer master symbols' instances as separate layers

  • Update date time picker templates to render kendo date-time-picker component

  • Show less characters of app description

  • Add value of breakpoint as placeholder value of the input

  • Transfer sketch design images as image components

  • Transfer sketch shapes to ux-studio

  • Custom generic editor for fields related to datasource fields

  • Replace node modules installation loading indicator

  • Selection and hierarchyTree modification actions should be disabled when in view preview mode

  • Always show the language dropdown in Angular generated app

Fixes Changed

  • Preview images in Plugin are not working

  • Exported grid from Sketch overflows in design canvas

  • Replace the default colorpicker with a custom one in plugin

  • Importing Linear gauge from Sketch has wrong look and borders

  • Gauge component area size when exporting

  • Handle running processes after sign out

  • Error when creating rows and columns in the responsive layout

  • Synchronisation between component trees and canvas

  • Auto-complete error on generation for React

  • There is no icon for local data provider on its card

  • Syntax coloring for .tsx files not working in code view

  • React app cannot be built when data bindable

  • Remove unused properties from Studio About page

  • With more than one data source in a React app, no data is displayed

  • React generated app throws error when translation file contains "dash" in the name

  • Add help links in popup windows

  • Browse button on Settings edit page should be disabled

  • Always show language drop down component in Angular generated app

  • Error when two data providers have datasources have the same name

  • Zoom and Breakpoints buttons do not have tooltips

  • MacOS Catalina plugin compatibility

  • Some tooltip bindings are not resolved correctly

  • Deleting an app from the Studio dashboard doesn't delete the .unite-ux file

  • Zoom and Breakpoints buttons do not have tooltips

  • UX Studio requires authentication storage access even when analytics is disabled

  • Cannot select field for data model in Design Mode

  • Charts and grid distort the app layout

  • Preview in Browser menu item is disabled when design canvas mode not supported

  • Deleting an app outside of the Studio and recreating it leads to multiple cards pointing to the same project

  • Detached elements tree not updated when changing views

  • Stop Dev Server button tooltip is not correct

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