Unite UX version 0.5.0 Release Notes

Features Changed

  • Add migration of older metadata version to newer version

  • Add Menu component

  • Add DateInput component

  • Add Editor component

  • Add SplitButton component

  • Add DropDownButton component

  • Add Switch component

  • Add onboarding experience

  • Upgrade Studio's Electron version to 7.1.0

  • Add ability to change the name of the component in the generated app

    • Add Alias property to view model. It defines the name of file and class name which will be generated for the view.
    • Add Route property to view model. It defines the route name of the view.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Commonly Used Operations

    • Generate code: Command/Ctrl + G
    • Preview in Browser: F5
    • Stop Dev Server: Option/Alt + F5
    • Switch to next canvas tab: Command/Ctrl + Tab
    • Switch to previous canvas tab: Command/Ctrl + Shift + Tab
    • Switch to Design tab: Command/Ctrl + 1
    • Switch to Responsive tab: Command/Ctrl + 2
    • Switch to Code tab: Command/Ctrl + 3
  • Conditionally disable Unite UX Studio toolbar menu items

  • Improve Create app flow

    • Add default view when app is created in Studio
    • Hide Design tab on the Canvas when view is created in the Studio
    • Hide Detached Elements toolbox when view is created in the Studio
    • Hide Export to Design button when view is created in the Studio
  • Use Kendo DropDown component for Canvas' Screen Size DropDown tool

  • Solid icons are replaced with light icons

  • Remove rulers from Canvas

  • Update document plugin url if it is different than current plugin url

Fixes Changed

  • Layout components are not presented in components toolbox for Master Template View

  • Align dashed placeholders in canvas

  • Icons in Component toolbox are cut at the bottom

  • Responsive Layout and Detached Elements trees should have consistent behavior

  • Center Loading indicator in login form

  • Icon list overflows in view settings

  • Delete data source icon should be centered in the button container

  • Canvas columns resize doesn't work in non-maximized Studio

  • Error on Export to design for React project when app layout has localization

  • Persist Measurements and Guidelines tools state during navigation

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