Local Data Providers

A local data provider is a set of arrays of JSON objects.

Currently, the Studio does not support hierarchy for local data providers.

Getting Started

To set up a local data provider:

  1. On the Dashboard, click the card (or list item) of the application to open the App Design page.
  2. On the App Design page, click Add Data Provider. As a result, the Add Data Provider dialog box appears.
  3. By default the selected data provider type is Local Data Provider.
  4. In Name, provide the name of the data provider.
  5. Click Add Data Provider to save the settings of the data provider and close the Add Data Provider dialog box. As a result, the App Design page displays the card for the newly added data provider.

Using Different Local Datasets

When you first create your application, you might choose to use a different local dataset. To override the already added data of that data provider:

  1. Generate the web application.
  2. For Angular, go to ../app/src/assets/local-db.json and update the JSON in the file. For React, go to ../app/public/local-db.json and update the JSON in the file.
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