The DateRange is part of the Editors components which the Unite UX supports.



  • The DateRange component is a container for holding start and end date inputs, and a date range popup.

Properties of Interest

  • Date Format—Can be used to customize the way the data is shown in the start and end components. For more information on date formatting options, refer to the article on Angular formatting.
  • HTML Wrapper—Template of the HTML that would wrap the component.
  • Model—The data model that is associated with this component. For more information, refer to the article on using data source instances.
  • Change Event Function—Fired when the value of an input component is changed by the user.

    Include any custom code for this event function in the [view-name].view.component.ts file for Angular which are located in the \app\src\modules\[module-name]\[view-name] folder or [view-name].tsx file for React which is located in the \app\src\components\[module-name]\[view-name] folder. For more information, refer to the article on custom code.

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