Generate MVC widgets for dynamic content types

For every new dynamic content type that you create, Sitefinity CMS creates an MVC dynamic content widget.

This tutorial explains how to download and run a script that enables you to generate dynamic widgets for dynamic modules. 

If you want to create an MVC widget for existing dynamic content types or you want to regenerate the existing widgets, perform the following:

  1. Download
  2. Extract the files into the root directory of your web application.
  3. Build the application.
  4. Go to http://yourdomain:xxx/DynamicModulesRegenerator.aspx.
    You see a list of your dynamic content types:

    Update dynamic types
  5. Select the types dynamic content widgets you want to create or regenerate and click Update selected types.
    If you want to create or regenerate widgets for all types, click Update all.


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