Upload data with CSV files

  1. Navigate to your data center dashboard and then open the Data integration tab page.
  2. Choose Plug new data and then Plug data from CSV file.
  3. Select the CSV file you want to import.

    IMPORTANT: The data in the CSV file needs to be formatted according to specific requirements. For more information, see CSV files format.

  4. Choose whether you want to import the data as:
    • Interactions
      Choose one of the following options:
      • Time of data import

      • Specific date and time

        NOTE: All interactions are marked with the same timestamp. Keep in mind that you need to set your local time zone.

    • Contacts

      To review an example of valid CSV data, download the following ZIP file: Sample CSV data. The ZIP file contains both contacts and sentences sample data. For more information about contacts metadata and sentences, see:

  5. Choose a label for this CSV file. The label helps you easily filter or delete data imported from this CSV file. Create a new label or select from labels you already used.

    IMPORTANT: When importing a file with contact data and another file with the interactions of these contacts, the label that you set during the imports of the two files must be the same.

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