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Deliver valuable and relevant customer experiences when and where they count.

Squeeze the most value out of every customer interaction. Deliver content in the right format, at the right time, at every stage of the buyer’s journey with DigitalFactory.


Customers are exposed to hundreds of pieces of content each day. Unfortunately, they filter out most as irrelevant. Delivering tailored content matched to each buyer’s unique needs is the only way to break through marketplace noise. The challenge is to identify traits and behaviors revealing where individuals are in the buying cycle, then effectively target them—including anonymous visitors which typically represent 98% of all website traffic.

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Convert Anonymous Visitors

Target and convert anonymous visitors based on browsing behavior, referring URL, location, device and more.


Nurture Known Leads and Customers

Send personalized emails and tailor website content based on what you already know from analytics, CRM or MRM.


Personalize in Real Time

Change website content in real time depending on who is looking and what device they’re using.

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