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Audience Management

Identify and target your most valuable customer segments with context marketing.

Make all that data you collect finally pay off. Pool customer information from multiple sources to identify high-value segments. Then, put those insights to work targeting the right people with the right message via the right channel. DigitalFactory pulls it all together for you in an intuitive and cohesive way.


People provide an abundance of data points online, and this presents a great opportunity for you to create deeper customer relationships. But many companies still face technology limitations that make it hard to consolidate data and turn it into valuable context that marketing can use to deliver better customer experiences.

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Collect and Analyze

Consolidate demographic and behavioral data for anonymous and known audiences from multiple systems, like CRM, Analytics, and CMS to create a single view of the customer.


Eliminate manual data collection and analysis from multiple sources.


Gain Insights

Gain actionable insight into what your high-value customers look like and how they behave.


Eliminate targeting based on hunches.


Build Target Segments

Easily identify your most valuable audience segments and target them with marketing initiatives, like personalization or email campaigns.


Eliminate “one size fits all.”


Isolate Touchpoints

Isolate touchpoints where you can influence the customer journey the most by delivering a personalized experience.


Eliminate repeatedly defining the same segment for each channel.

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Audience Management

Make all that data you collect finally pay off.

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